Buddhist Meditation and the Harlem Shake?

I’m about a month behind on this and I’m not sure I’ll ever understand this internet phenomenon, but, for what it’s worth, apparently Buddhist meditation groups are in on this thing as well (this one via Karme Choling, a Shambhala center in northern Vermont):

YouTube Preview Image

I find the “kids react” video much more ‘enlightening’:

YouTube Preview Image

Says one 10 year-old, “Stop it. Now! If you make one more video, I will pull your brains out and feed your liver to my dogs.” (violent? yes. necessary? maybe.)

And while we’re looking at Buddhism being used in this new meme, here are a couple more videos, this one in the potentially offensive category (a guy dressed as a Tibetan monk with two women):

YouTube Preview Image

An also potentially offensive animation version:

YouTube Preview Image

And this (it’s no worse than the previous):

YouTube Preview Image

All of this makes one wonder: can someone make a “good” Buddhist Harlem Shake video?

Rod over at theworsthorse.com (perhaps mercifully) hasn’t mentioned any of this, but I think it’s worthy of a “Dharma-Burger” for its novel mix of Buddhism and pop-culture. It’s worth a thought or two, at least, in case you thought Buddhism -or Buddhists- were ‘above’ all of this.

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