A request for contributions to “The Little Book of Buddhist Humor”

I’m happy to pass along this request for stories from the great Charles Prebish for an upcoming book he and John Negru are putting together:

Dear Colleagues and Friends:

John Negru (Karma Yonten Gyatso), publisher of Sumeru Books, and I are collecting a series of anecdotal stories for inclusion in a book we are editing called “The Little Book of Buddhist Humor.” In difficult times, we feel that the Buddhist world has the opportunity to contribute to and inject some happy, Buddhist-inspired humor into our everyday lives.

As such, we’re inviting any of you who have clever, funny, silly, and laughable stories that you have experienced in your personal and/or professional work and practice in Buddhism to submit these short episodes to us for possible inclusion. We are looking for stories from Buddhist teachers, scholars and sangha members. Maybe something really funny happened to you at a Buddhist center, or something humorous occurred while attending a professional conference, or a personal communication involving Buddhism brought a silly smile to your face. We’ll collect the best of those stories submitted and publish them in our book.

Please make sure the stories are no more than three pages long, remain in good taste, and represent anecdotes that you are comfortable sharing. They may be submitted to me (charles.prebish@usu.edu) or John (john@sumeru-books.com), and should be submitted by Wesak  2014 (May 14).

We truly hope to make this a FUN project that will bring smiles to people worldwide, and we’ll be so grateful for any stories you may provide that will help us achieve our goal.

Best wishes.

Charles Prebish (Karma Sherab Nyingpo)

P.S. If you don’t have a story to share, you can still help out by spreading the word (click the buttons below to share this on social media or email it to friends/sanghas/etc).

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  • Ajahn Don

    Sorry, but the “great” Charles Prebish might be a bit over the top. I listened to the SBA podcast, and once again confirmed the man once had a good idea in his mind, and that was the last original thought he had. He’s spent the last 30 years defending it, how often unnecesarily?

    That no one on the podcast took issue with anything, nor was there anyone who lives the religion left a big hole. Dr. Prebish might have been a pioneer, but that, imho, was the end of his greatness. His default position is defensive, and he never wavers.

    • justinwhitaker

      Hi Ajahn,

      You might enjoy the review I did of his memoir a couple years back (and the book itself).


      You’ll find that the 2 Buddhisms idea was just one project he has worked on (though it has loomed large in the psyche of Western Buddhism, much more, for instance, than Prebish’s work on religion and sport or his co-founding of the Journal of Buddhist Ethics [for which I am especially grateful]). He has also created a line of e-books that can be used in undergrad courses at a VERY reasonable price – which is a huge deal when you see what many publishers charge for introductory course books (we’re talking $20-30 vs $80-150). Lastly, he has been working on getting other well known (and I would probably say “great”) scholars to pen similar memoirs so that students and spectators of Western Buddhism can get a deeper glimpse into what has gone on ‘behind the scenes’ of Buddhist academia over the last 4 decades. These are some major projects and all what I would call (very) “good ideas.”