The BEST Super Bowl commercial won’t actually be on during the game

Growing up surrounded by “Indian Country” though remaining largely ignorant of issues facing Indian Americans for half of my life,* videos like this are close to my heart. Here is a video put out by a major group, the National Congress of American Indians, which helps illustrate some of the key issues that American Indians face today.

The video is called “Proud to Be” and ends with the narrator saying, “Native Americans call themselves many things.  The one thing they don’t…” with an image of a helmet from the Redskins football team (though there are plenty of other offenders).

The NCAI didn’t have the funds to put it on during the game, which is why I’m putting it here (and you should put up/spread wherever you can too).

You can also tweet with the button below and include @redskins to let them know that you support renaming the team.

* Which dovetails well with a recent post from Amba, at the White Hindu. “I’m from there” doesn’t necessarily mean “I understand that place or people better than outsiders.”

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