Tibetan Buddhism and Modern Physics, CH 1

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I am working through a new book on Tibetan Buddhism and Modern Physics (one of my odd areas of interest). A friend of mine in Bristol, UK and I are going to be discussing chapters as we go along, and I'll be posting revised editions of those discussions (my side at least) here.CH 1Discussing two seemingly distinct fields raises countless methodological issues and problems. Mansfield starts his first chapter trying to tackle these before moving into the meat … [Read more...]

Busy busy Buddhist

Time seems to be slipping by much too fast (again). Aside from my Tibet-watching activities (some new links below), I have been:working on getting a job in DC,reading articles on Karma so that I can put together a conference proposal, andreading on Tibetan Buddhism and Modern Physicslooking into Confucian, Daoist, and Shinto history (as these may be part of what I'm teaching)First, some updates on Tibet:IN TIBETTibet Monks Disrupt Tour by Journalists to Complain About Lack of Religious … [Read more...]

Latest on Tibet-China

Rev. Danny Fisher has been doing a fantastic job of posting the many developments and reports on the Tibet situation, so here I will basically just summarize those and add some of my thoughts. We'll start actually with a different blog's round-up of stories, that of Christopher Kelley at the Columbia University Center for Buddhist Studies. There he has several stories along with a recent edition of Charlie Rose, featuring several prominent guests.Charlie Rose Interview (available here along … [Read more...]

A Theistic Buddhist?

As Buddhism continues to take hold in the West, many are finding a sense of compatibility between their Western/Theistic beliefs and practices and those of Buddhism and many scholars have entered into the fray attempting to demonstrate the possibility or impossibility of such compatibility.For my own part I tend to think that compatibilities are possible, if only because all religions exist in some state of flux. Buddhist scholar Richard Gombrich has argued that one can have two religions at … [Read more...]

Conan the meditating dog

NAHA, Japan (AFP) - - Buddhists clasp their palms together to pray for enlightenment, but Conan, a chihuahua, appears to have more worldly motivations.The dog has become a popular attraction at a Japanese temple after learning to imitate the worshippers around him."Conan started to pose in prayer like us whenever he wanted treats," said Joei Yoshikuni, a priest at Jigenin temple on the southern island of Okinawa."Clasping hands is a basic action of Buddhist prayer to show appreciation. He may be … [Read more...]

On the homefront: Obama, Stuff, and Work

While Tibet has been foremost in my thoughts in recent days, that hasn't stopped or even slowed down the pace of life here in my life and in the US.~OBAMALast night Kelly and I snuggled up to watch Barack Obama's now famous 'A More Perfect Union' speech on YouTube. For impressive commentary on it I suggest this post from Nacho Cordova, fellow Buddhist/Humanist blogger and professor of rhetoric at Willamette University. For my part, I was hugely impressed that Obama refused to lay blame; as he … [Read more...]

Tibet, how about Turkistan and Taiwan

As the protests and subsequent clamp-down in Tibet spread, let us not forget about two other areas of/around China that are sure to be popping into the news in coming months: Turkistan and Taiwan.From yesterday's news in Taiwan: Tibet crashes Taiwan election with Olympic boycott threatThe Peoples Republic of China and the “Three Ts” … [Read more...]

Tibet: Updates and some Background

The latest from CTV, a Canadian broadcasting network, on the spread of the protests in Tibet:-- H.H. the Dalai Lama: "If things become out of control, then my only option is: completely resign, completely resign."-- Reporter Steve Chao: "While [the Dalai Lama is] still revered, a new generation of Tibetans no longer believe that pacifism and nonviolence works. And so they fight for independence, threatening a gorilla-style war at whatever the cost."Indeed, a gorilla war. Men with long-sleeved … [Read more...]