Tibetan Buddhism and Modern Physics, CH 2

"The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance -- it is the illusion of knowledge." - Daniel J. BoorstinChapter one of Vic Mansfield's book, "Tibetan Buddhism & Modern Physics" helped clear the ground for the rest of the book. It did this by pointing out some of the prejudices in Western (primarily scientific) thought against Eastern ideas and anything sounding remotely religious. By showing us why so many people simply 'write off' these important ideas without even looking at them, … [Read more...]

On retreat (2, Tibet videos)

Well, not Tibet per se, but actually of the ongoing protests across the world of the upcoming Olympics. I look forward to seeing how it goes in San Fransisco, the torch's next stop. As you will see/hear from the second video, The International Olympic Committee is beginning to express its concern (at last!). Keep up the protests, keep up the support of the protests, keep contacting your senators and representatives!Olympic Torch Relay Protests - in London:And in Paris: … [Read more...]

On retreat (1, the three jewels)

In the Buddhist tradition, we are encouraged to 'take refuge' in the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha (the 'Three Jewels'). In fact, for most this is what defines one as a Buddhist. This weekend I went on a short retreat, learning a lot about suffering (first hand!) only to return to more. More on that in the next post, but first a recap of the three jewels.THE THREE JEWELS: THE BUDDHAThe Buddha is the man who awakened to (Buddha means 'awakened one') reality, seeing through the delusions … [Read more...]

Nature Deficit Disorder

Beware!Ye of mild angst, moodiness and worry!It may be... Nature Deficit Disorder!It is somewhat funny, how our society is making EVERYTHING into one disorder or another, but oh well. At least the pharmaceutical companies aren't selling nature pills (yet!). It is also a bit (sadly) funny because, looking back over my last couple months, I seem to be bouncing from one self-diagnosed illness to the next.C'est la vie.In addition to traditional treatments, like going for walks in nearby nature-like … [Read more...]

A hell of one’s own

"The only part of one that burns in hell is the part that won’t let go of life." - Meister Eckhart (Medieval Christian mystic, gracias a Gary, emphasis mine)It seems that the notion of hell is popping up in my life a bit too much lately to be merely dismissed. Not long ago I escaped the "Halls from Hell" in London. I miss my friends there but the environment in general was not healthy.Now I find myself in what may be a new "hell" - or at least in very close proximity to one here in DC.I b … [Read more...]

Tibet this week

While it appears that things have calmed inside Tibet, don't be fooled. The fact of the matter is simply that the Chinese government has expelled nearly all - if not all - foreign journalists from the region, making verification of any accounts extremely difficult. They have also cut off cell phone signals in areas of disturbance and ramped up suppression of internet traffic to cut off the flow of information both into and out of Tibet. Young Tibetans question path of … [Read more...]

Tibetan Buddhism and Modern Physics, CH 1

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I am working through a new book on Tibetan Buddhism and Modern Physics (one of my odd areas of interest). A friend of mine in Bristol, UK and I are going to be discussing chapters as we go along, and I'll be posting revised editions of those discussions (my side at least) here.CH 1Discussing two seemingly distinct fields raises countless methodological issues and problems. Mansfield starts his first chapter trying to tackle these before moving into the meat … [Read more...]

Busy busy Buddhist

Time seems to be slipping by much too fast (again). Aside from my Tibet-watching activities (some new links below), I have been:working on getting a job in DC,reading articles on Karma so that I can put together a conference proposal, andreading on Tibetan Buddhism and Modern Physicslooking into Confucian, Daoist, and Shinto history (as these may be part of what I'm teaching)First, some updates on Tibet:IN TIBETTibet Monks Disrupt Tour by Journalists to Complain About Lack of Religious … [Read more...]