Tibet: a great question

I'm now listening to a fantastic podcast posted by the Columbia University Center for Buddhist Studies. It is a panel discussion entitled:Tibet's Future . . .Does It Have One?The panel was hosted (oddly) by the right-wing think tank, the Heritage Foundation (it's main page hosts a large banner asking "What Would Regan Do?") and includes left-wing hippy Buddhist Columbia University professor (my hero!) Robert Thurman - also known as Uma Thurman's dad. It also includes John Kenneth Knaus, a … [Read more...]

Beyond Tibet, toward peace

Continued from the last post...We know that Tibet is in turmoil, that Burma is under a brutal military regime, and that numerous places around the world - America included - are in the midst of great violence and suffering. Several things need to happen if we are to see a world free of such violence and oppression. Here are my humble suggestions:Follow Gary's advice (and that of countless world peace-makers): be the peace you wish to see in the world. This is 1000% more difficult than it … [Read more...]

Tibet Tibet Tibet

So much has been going on in Tibet recently, and the background and potential for analysis is so great, that I've simply avoided trying to blog about it. Not to mention that when I allow myself to think about it deeply, it threatens to move me to tears. Where do I even start? Well, how about some news (borrowed from a recent avaaz.org email):Here are some links with more information on the Tibetan protests and the Chinese response:BBC News: UN Calls for Restraint in TibetHuman Right Watch: … [Read more...]

Kelly’s Preserve

As I mentioned before, I have found a tiny chunk of nature here near Kelly's apartment just outside of Washington D.C. (click here for where I live now and the bit of nature on the right) I can tell that this little piece of nature will be a great source of healing and grounding for me - and Kelly - in our remaining time here.A mallard couple are the only permanent feathered residents on the pond, but they share with many guests.The first time I went there I brought my noise-canceling … [Read more...]

New look, new layout – thoughts?

Hey there. If you have a moment, let me know what you think of the new layout and look of the site. It may take on some subtle and/or sudden shifts in the coming weeks/months as I take some time playing with templates, links, and the likes. Input/feedback is much appreciated. Thanks! … [Read more...]

New Book: Tibetan Buddhism and Modern Physics

For those of you interested in the strange intersections of medieval Buddhist philosophy and cutting edge Western physics, Vic Mansfield's new book should be just for you. I have yet to read it, but just ordered my copy and found that you can get chapters 2 and 4 through the author's website.Back in 2002, as a second-year philosophy student at UM, I slipped into the "senior-seminar/capstone course" for the philosophy students: Philosophy of Mind. The course was electrifying, taught by the … [Read more...]

Those Crazy Catholics…

I was just looking up St. Patrick's day today to help me figure out when my father's birthday is (I'm not so good with dates, I know he was born on whichever day isn't St. Patrick's day - the 16th or 17th - which didn't thwart his good Irish mum from naming him, yup, Patrick), when I discovered that the Catholic Church has changed the date of St. Patrick's day this year! Apparently it conflicts with Easter, and we just can't have commemoration of Jesus sneaking out of a cave and ungodly amounts … [Read more...]

Forecasting fun

Maybe I'm just a bit thick, but is there a difference between 'Partly Sunny' and 'Mostly Cloudy'? The handy pictures are identical, so why the clever shift in wording? Here is the forecast for this Thursday and Saturday from the National Weather Service. ThursdayPartlySunnyHi 56°FSaturdayMostlyCloudyHi 45°FMaybe they're just having fun? Maybe I'm getting too much free time? 'Tis a good thing though. Most all of the adrenal fatigue symptoms have abated in these few days back in the US. Y … [Read more...]