The end of the Buddha-Dharma

I have heard many scholars debating the meaning and so-called "prophesy" of the Buddha, who claimed that his Dharma, or teaching, would last only 500 years (later revised to 5000). In fact I had a class once in which a student tried to 'calculate' the end of the world based on the 5000 year cut in half prediction (and it was coming soon!).This is especially discussed in light of his other controversial claim, that the life of the Dharma would be cut in half when he began ordaining women.But all … [Read more...]

Vaccines, Pharmaceutical Companies and the CDC

It bothers me a lot when big companies put out obvious spin and lies to dupe people into buying and trusting their products. What bothers me even more is when branches of the government that 'watch over' big companies are just as guilty of spin and misinformation. Here's a video about Gardasil, the vaccine being pushed on young girls with the (mostly*) bogus claim that it 'prevents cervical cancer':First the obvious misinformation:Watch it again if you need to. One minute in we find the FDA … [Read more...]

Catching Up

It's been busy times here in lovely Montana (as usual). Work has been busy, lots of spring/summer projects in the air as well as prospects of bigger and better work in the future. Raise prospects are still good, though needing further strategery. Life in the bureaucracy, sometimes thrilling, sometimes dreadful.Thesis work continues at it's titanic-like steady pace toward completion (bad metaphor, I suppose - my thesis is far more graceful, like floating, a Hindenburg). I read things, I … [Read more...]

One foot in front of the Other

A great blog for all those who journey through loss. poem, from a post titled "Farewell" says:Going on a journeyleaving behind everythingeven myselfWith gratitude for all those who have, and give us, courage through the pain. … [Read more...]

Grieving loved ones in Buddhism

Thinking of the recent loss of my friend Ken, as well as of my paternal grandmother two months ago, my mind returns to a passage in Matthieu Ricard's book, Happiness: A Guide to Developing Life's Most Important Skill.Matthieu recounts meeting a friend devastated by the loss of his father:"My father died a few weeks ago. I'm devastated, because his death seems so unfair to me. I can't understand it and I can't accept it."In response, Matthieu gently recounted the story of a woman, Kisa Gotami, … [Read more...]

In Memoriam: Bristol’s Bodhisattva

An extraordinary man left us yesterday. Ken Robinson was not wealthy or famous, but simply extraordinary in his goodness: his always kind smile, his generosity and support, and his unending quest for wisdom. Ken was a great man, an acute student, and a dear friend.I first met Ken back in 2004 when just beginning my MA studies in Bristol and we immediately hit it off. He was retired, living with his wife not far from the University, and sitting in on graduate classes in Buddhist Studies. I … [Read more...]

Kantian-Buddhist thoughts on Romance in the Recession

A story in today's BBC News suggests that in down economic times, romance gets a boost."Times of stress can trigger feelings of attraction - quite simply, you're more susceptible," she said. Professor Fisher's theories are based on a classic 1974 study by Dutton and Aron - in which male subjects walking across a dangerous-seeming bridge were found to be more likely to fall for an attractive woman researcher. (I love that academics get paid to come up with such studies.)In any case, it turns out … [Read more...]

Thinking through the Thesis

For those who don't know - I'm currently working on my ph.d. thesis (gadzooks) in Buddhist Ethics. It's an amazing, often odd process, certain to be different for everyone who ventures toward and through it. I have had amazing fortune thus far, with an amazing advisor, great help from friends and colleagues, and continued support from family and friends. Without all of this I know I wouldn't be where I am today.I'm in the ABD stage (All But Dissertation), meaning it's all on me now. To just … [Read more...]