Many thanks to miss Vesper at Vesper’s Escape for nominating/awarding me as a loved blog. It is not only a great honor, but indeed a bit daunting to see the company I share amongst her favorites (excellent blogs all of them).Accordingly, here are the rules:1 – Add the logo to your blog.2 – Add a link to the person who awarded it to you.3 – Nominate at least 7 other bloggers.4 – Add links to their blogs.5 – Leave a… Read more

It is an ideal October evening in Montana, and I find myself settling further in to ‘normal’. I’ve had people ruffle their brow at me when I mention ‘normal’ (as if I am invoking Holy Spirit itself or some such thing), but others know. They, like me, have seen the other side of ‘normal’ and likewise gleefully welcome it back.We are all a little bit screwed up; mental illness is a spectrum, yes. But any sudden movement from one end… Read more

Oh, sweet Glacier. And in five short days, I’ll be back.Odd numbers.”bold” composition.Odds again. Read more

Does Buddhism have an ontology or metaphysics?This past week we at the Center for Ethics at UM hosted David Webster from the University of Gloucestershire. Dave is a philosopher of ethics, religion, and contemporary society and learning. His ph.d. work focused on the nature of desire in the Pali Canon (early Buddhism), stemming from the often asserted and erroneous notion that Buddhism teaches the elimination of desires.In his second talk at the University he described Buddhism in the academy as… Read more

I’m back from Glacier now (as of 6 days ago). The trip was amazing (many thanks to the organizers and Tim Cooper, photographer extraordinaire. Eleven of us camped, hiked, drove, and shared two and a half days photographing just one tiny part of this great National Park. Wonderful people, all of them, and excellent photographers (even those who were just beginners). I will post a link to our flickr group once images come streaming in.The only downside of it all… Read more

Good news: my talk is over, it went well, I can get on to other things – like a photography weekend in Glacier (which I’m leaving for in 5 minutes). After that a friend/colleague from the UK arrives to give some talks, hike, and hang out for the week. And after that I will probably be off to Colorado with my mum to visit her mum. Crazy busy fun.Bad news: I’m exhausted! I’ll sleep like a rock tonight, if not… Read more

– talking, learning… I gave my “warm up” talk on this topic tonight to a group of Vipassana practitioners, a nice, supportive audience before I go before the wolves, the philosophy students, on Thursday. “What would Hegel say about all this dialectical behavior therapy?” “‘All is in flux, ‘ Heraclitus told us long ago – what does a borderline person fail to see in this?” So how did it go? Good. I managed to get in most of what I… Read more

– Meditating on the aggregates of the disorder. It is a gorgeous day in Missoula today – blue skies, 70 degrees, and the forecast is for four more days of the same. Sorry, but on such days I find it hard to ‘hole-up’ and devote myself to sustained thought on much of anything. I’m too much of a sun-lover and combining sunshine and laptops, while nice in theory, isn’t too great in practice. So – a smathering of thoughts/links for… Read more

Part three in a series. Parts One and Two. Some notes on a Buddhist ‘treatment’ / meditation, but first Some blogs about Borderline Personality Disorder by borderlines, in no particular order: (many thanks to those who helped gave suggestions – feel free to add more in the comments) Untreatable’s Blog: great articles on aspects of BPD. This from the one on rage: “Never get in an argument with someone with pure BPD as you will never win and they will… Read more

This is my second post on this topic, preparing for a couple talks. The first post is here. There I gave a brief overview of the disorder and some of the ways it has been understood by different professionals. This time I want to focus on the Borderline person directly. Note that I am not a psychiatrist or therapist, just a Buddhist practitioner who has recently become interested in the disorder. Most of what I know comes from personal experience,… Read more

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