Happy Thanksgiving! (Culture War) Is Over If You Want It

Every major holiday I make a special plea–hoping to convince a few fellow travelers who are feeling generous during the holidays. What is this plea? To stop listening to the alarmist rhetoric that emanates from the most radical quarters of their respective movements and once and for all put an end to this manufactured thing called the “culture war.” Please do not be surprised that these feigned outrages are not selective, manipulated for maximum effect, and, if you analyze closely–often irrational and illogical. Support Russia because they are supporting pro-Christian, anti-gay legislation, but wait, Russia is the biblical Armageddon meme for Magog?–I’m confused? President Obama is a Nazi, a Communist, a Muslim, the Anti-Christ? I’m confused. So morally, theologically, and politically bankrupt are these varied agents of discord (AFA, FRC, GOP, take your pick), they cannot keep their conspiracies straight, their historical incoherency straight, their leadership freed from its own self-destructive tendencies–Mark Driscoll can’t stop plagiarlzing and Doug Phillips can’t stop–well, you get the analogy.

So here is the way to end your dependency on the Religious Right’s steady stream of manufactured crisis—

–think about the nature of these eschatological tangents–what are they really trying to tell you?

–think that many of these eschatological tangents once had at the center of them rabid anti-Catholicism–and given Pope Francis’ latest Jeremiad against the godless idolatry of unfettered markets–it may only be a matter of time before Rome becomes Romanism again.

–think about the overt political crassness that goes into statements like–poor people should not eat unless they work because that’s what the Bible says.

–think about not listening for awhile

–think about the false refuges that religious “leaders” have determined for you–without your input.

–stop listening for awhile—be still and have a peaceful Thanksgiving



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