15 Reasons Millennials [STILL] Don’t Go to Church

Millennials Church Andy Gill PatheosI can’t remember the last time I went to Church (a Sunday service). I honestly don’t know many people (not just millennials) that have, Christian or not. But, I was asked a while back on a repost of an older post I wrote a few years back titled “Why I Don’t Go to Church,” to revisit this topic and talk about how my sensibilities have changed and since, reinterpreted these thoughts as to why I don’t go to Church still. So, I gave it a bit of thought, asked even a few friends why they don’t go,  and here’s what I came up with:

  1. Super bigoted. There’s no diversity. It’s segregated still. Even if half of your congregation is super progressive, there’s still that other half we don’t want to ever be within a 100 yards of, that is, if we can help it.
  2. They’re offering outdated answers to our current issues.
  3. It lacks meaning. In the words of Tony Campolo, “If we lose this generation, it will not be because we’ve made christianity too difficult, it will be because we’ve watered it down and made it too easy.” 
  4. We’re better people for not attending your Church.
  5. You keep implying that our friends are going to hell.
  6. We’re traumatized by threats of hellfire. Even if you’re no longer implying that, it was at one time implied, and because of that we don’t trust you anymore.
  7. We’re hung over. Because, Saturday night.
  8. You’re judging us, right now, for being hungover.
  9. It’s too early. Anytime before 2:00pm on the weekend probably isn’t happening for us. Plus, we’d rather sleep in than be made to feel guilty for being hung over.
  10. You keep asking us for our money… that we don’t have. Again, it’s implicit, when that plate is passed we feel the guilt.
  11. Everybody is married. Let’s be honest, if you’re single, the last thing you want to be around is a room filled with happily married people.
  12. Everyone is old.
  13. It’s fake. And being fake is exhausting.
  14. TedTalks about better, shorter, and more relevant (i.e. your sermons suck).
  15. You won’t answer our questions without giving us some dumbass pithy platitude.

Okay, so admittedly I say a bunch of this in jest, but in short, it’s just not worth it. I don’t believe that the life you’ll offer me by being a part of your community is worth the cost of continuously feeling guilty, waking up early, or abiding to an outdated morality. It really has very little to do with a lack of believing in God, or not wanting to be spiritual. It has more to do with the lack of authenticity, depth, and fact that at least a third of our friends are not truly welcomed “as they are.”

Any thing you’d add, disagree with, or relate to?

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