I‘ve been in a process of kind of “de-Christianizing” myself these days. So I’m not sure if I’m a Christian, or rather, if I’d call myself a “Christian.” Lately I’ve been calling myself “progressive,” but honestly I dislike being called progressive just as much as I dislike being referred to as an evangelical.

Because, labels… ya know?

I think David D. sums it up pretty well saying, “There was a time when I was fed up with the idea of religion, Jesus and the way they’re both used to oppress seemingly as many people as they save.” I feel like saying the church is dirty, would be a rather obtuse understatement.

This space started as an outlet for me to get things off my chest and speak on issues that I felt weren’t being addressed within the [westernized] Church. I quickly came to find that I wasn’t alone in feeling this way. Through emails, conversations, and social media I’ve begun to see that I’m not the only one facing these frustrations. Saying, “I like Jesus but I’m not too crazy about the Church,” is the ongoing mantra of not just the post-evangelical millennial, but anyone who has run into a “westernized” version of Christianity…

This is a space for not only the hurting but those willing to become one with the hurting.

This is a space for those of us who have always felt like something has been wrong with the Church.

This is a space for anyone who has ever been hurt, wounded, or marred by the Church, community of faith, or religion.

This is a space for the pastor who is actively in ministry yet unable to presently express her doubt.

This is a space for those who believe that Church is more than just a Sunday morning program.

This is a space for those who have ever said, “I love Jesus, but I’m not too crazy about this ‘church.'”

Simply put, this is a space for those of you to know that you’re not alone.


More About Me:

I’m an INFJ. I’ve been in school here at Princeton but really, don’t let that fool you – I had a 1.8 GPA graduating from high school, just enough to allow me to keep playing sports, and by sports I mean basketball. I some how made it into college, I benched on the basketball team for a year and then quit, and some how miraculously managed to graduate from Eastern University [shout out to DP, Darrel Hawkins, and all my Doaner friends out there!]. Odd to think back to it but I used to be a youth pastor until I realized I didn’t want to be one, ever again. Currently, I am a communicator that is better at speaking than I am at writing. But I think by that I mean, I’m more secure speaking and very insecure about my writing, a 1.8 GPA gets you really bad grammar [sidenote: I love getting grammar corrections from ya’ll, but just please send them in a nice, non-degrading way].


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I post here two or three times a week, sometimes more, sometimes less… Would love for you to follow along in this journey, and we can try and figure this thing out together, I’ll add you to the weekly email list below if you’d like, either way, glad you stopped by…