Bernie Sanders: Revolutionary or Politician?

After Al Gore won the election in 2000, and then somehow lost, I disconnected for a bit from politics, I was too young for that. But, as of recently I’ve been re-engaging slowly, but steadily. And now, suddenly all at once I’m back into the game.

Because, Bernie Sanders.

He says what he wants, and has no regrets. And because of this he’s taking the Internet by storm. By now, you should’ve heard of him. He’s raised $15 million (one-third of what Hillary has raised), had a record-breaking appearance in Wisconsin filling an arena to capacity [with 10,000 people in attendance]. And although Sanders is still trailing Hillary by rather large amounts, his unexpected rapid progression, has catapulted him onto the leaderboard and into the mainstream media making him a legitimate threat to the Clinton Campaign. It does make me wonder if he’s another “Obama” that’s going to devastatingly seize “the throne” out from underneath Hillary [1], again.

Bernie is a socialist underneath the guise of the Democratic Party, looking to win the ticket and get the presidential nod from the powers that be. He’s calling for a revolution by attempting to subvert a democratic system. The issue, with this is… he’s subverting the wrong system; we’re not a democracy so much as we’re an oligarchy that’s hiding behind the guise of democracy (He, out of all of us, knows this best… Which is confusing to me).

Here’s the thing, even if Sanders did get “the nod” from the “powers that be” and is inaugurated into the oval office, I’m not sure that would really or truly make much of any difference. While Bush revealed to us that our system is jacked and Obama revealed to us that the presidency is a middleman position. Which, all of this, as a result, makes me skeptical towards a guy like Bernie. Is he truly a revolutionary, or is he really just another politician? Is not a revolutionary politician an oxymoronic statement? Sure, he’s backed the poor, spoken against corporations, and consistently stated that #blacklivesmatter, but I’m still yet skeptical and questioning whether or not he’s like every other white progressive, leveraging oppression for their platform.

Don’t get me wrong, I like many of Bernie’s ideas, but like too many of us, I no longer believe the presidency is the solution to our problem, and with politicians I have a very hard time differentiating between their well-intentioned ideas, and their outright lies. Because, again, one guy is not going to be our “hope.” In all actuality, I think this is just a genius move by Hillary, as she’ll win ticket and snag Bernie as her VP.

Ironically, I hope I’m wrong about Bernie, truly. This is something in which I want to be proven wrong on and about…

So, I think what’s best to discuss and focus on right now is, hypothetically, if the oval office was the “throne” and this campaign was a “game,” would Hillary be Daenerys or Cersie…?


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  • Kadin Williams

    Bernie Sanders is Ned Stark. Hillary is Daenerys.

  • Andy Gill

    LOL! Ned Stark!!!