Creflo Dollar and Every Other Mega-Church

Here’s my question: “How is Creflo Dollar’s request for a $65 million jet any different than what the average mega-church [in the first world] is already doing?”

Is it just me, or is this response from Creflo Dollar kind of disgusting…

The most agitating aspect of  Creflo Dollar is that he is just an extreme example of what a majority of accepted mega churches are already doing; using the emotions of congregants to manipulate his way into their pockets.

As I’ve highlighted the evangelical pastor’s salary before [but not limited to evangelicals]:

Alongside this news of Steven Furtick’s epic mansion… it recently came out that Mark Driscoll made about $650,000.00 dollars annually, not including the $200,000.00 of housing allowance and benefits! […] It turns out Franklin Graham, Billy Graham’s son, makes $622,252.00 from Samaritan’s purse while World Vision’s CEO Richard Stearns makes just under half a million. 

Read the rest of this post here: THE PASTOR’S SALARY: SHOULD PASTORS MAKE 500K?

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  • Rick Henderson

    Andy. Dude! You got me scratching my head. I’m a mega-church pastor and (at the risk of sounding like a pretentious prick) I’ve written one of the most widely read articles attacking this (insert favorite expletive here).

    Bro., you’re making some broad statements based on anecdotal evidence. “And every other mega-church” Come on man. That isn’t a statement of fact, but of feeling. That’s not research; that’s reactionary. (OK. I’m done with the alliterated contrasts).

    You will get some love from the internet junkies who love the inflammatory more than information. (OK, one last pitiful alliterated contrast.) I think you’d be far more helpful and possibly get more traction if you asked, WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A PASTOR WHO ASKS FOR A PLANE FROM THE PASTOR WHO TAKES ENOUGH SALARY TO BUY ONE OUTRIGHT?

    I don’t know if there is a clearly demarcated line of too much vs. just right. But I think we both agree that Jesus intended for pastors make a living on the Gospel, not get rich from the offerings of congregants.

    Write a blog entitled, The RIP (OFF)ering: How pastors are quietly getting rich from your tithes and offerings

    If you wrote something like that, with solid research to back it up, I think you’d be doing the church world a service. But, when you write reactionary pieces like this–I think you’re doing yourself a disservice.

    Your friend at a distance,

  • Rick Henderson

    I wrote the other comment before I realized you had a complimentary post on pastor salaries. My bad. Uh-hummm. I’m that guy who is guilty of doing the very thing that I get angry at when people do to me. Who’s got two thumbs and is feeling a bit red-faced?

    I still don’t like how you paint us with the same brush. So, I guess I’m giving you the stink-eye and applauding at the same time.

  • Andy Gill

    haha, love it. I mean all-in-all, I actually appreciated your last comment to a large extent, while I also appreciate this follow up comment. We have the conversational/relational background in which I can take strong pushback from ya.

    And even though I’ve written on this before in the other above linked article, I think I’m gonna give a try, at the very least journaling my thoughts out, to see if it turns into something i’ll post later on.