Live.Travel. Adventure.

I’ve always loved to travel.

My dream has been to sell all my possessions, and drive across country with no time limit, buying a van that is big enough for me to lay down and sleep in the back, but yet small enough that it won’t cost me a fortune on gas.

As an introvert, I’ve loved the idea of being alone on the open road. But recently I’ve begun to question that. Question the alone part.

Sometimes I wonder if God has in store for any of us to be alone.

It’s commonly said that we’re created to be in communion/community with one another, that God created us with the innate desire to be wed, to marry, to be attracted to another and choose one person to share the highest level of intimacy with…

I’m going to be honest that hasn’t made sense to me. It’s always seemed easier to live by myself…

…until recently.

I have come to discover that relationships can be a source of agony and pain, or they be a source of blessings and growth. For many of us they have mostly been sources of agony and pain. So we choose to separate ourselves from people. From relationships.From having to be vulnerable.

We put up the walls and barriers that keep others out and choose to numb ourselves from experiencing or feeling anything. Yes, it eliminates the chances of being hurt, but it also eliminates the chances of experiencing and feeling loved.

As a late blooming twenty something. I’ve discovered that what makes me vulnerable makes me beautiful. Vulnerability allows me to be seen, and therefore gives the opportunity for me to be loved, truly loved, for who God created me to be.

We all have a choice in life, and that choice is to choose between isolation or intimacy. Maybe there are seasons in which God has called us to be in isolation… but the question is:

When God does call you out of isolation and into intimacy will you embrace the courage to take a step of faith into who God has created you to be, allowing your walls and barriers to come down, inviting others into your life and onto the open road with you…?

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  • Mitch VanDenBerghe

    This is great dude, as a fellow introvert i hear you man. I also love the open road. I’m slowly becoming better at being vulnerable in my friendships and opening up to those who I am the closest to in my life. Really enjoyed this post.

  • Andy Gill

    thats awesome to hear, vulnerability though not easy, definitely worth it. preciate your words :)

  • Dora

    Hey Andy, I have just recently started to open my heart again to church/community. I have found that life is a little easier and facing daily struggles are bearable when I have people around me that are constantly uplifting me and speaking into my life. If nothing else having community brings much accountability and allows me to endure and not fall. I also have realized that I have began to care about others more ever since I opened up my heart to others. Thanks for this post

  • Andy Gill

    Dora, thats awesome to hear how God’s continuing to work in your life, and allow you the courage to open back up to community and others!

  • Erin Crocker

    Hey Andy, this is completely relate-able because it’s something I’ve always struggled with as a Christian. I’ve been hurt over and over by people that I love and thought I could trust. It seemed as if rejection had become my friend.. I would just question God why he put people in my life, only for me to be hurt by them. I’ve always said that I would always remain a single woman that was independent and didn’t have to rely on someone else’s feelings to make me feel whole. I decided that isolating my emotions and building walls around myself would be the easiest way to cope with all of this. represent God? That’s the beauty of it! God created us to be His reflection to this dark world….Your post opened my eyes through this misty cloud that has loomed over my for so long…..maybe God has set this lonely time for me so that I would focus on Him, not His creation. It’s incredible how He works. I would’ve never found this blog, unless you randomly followed me last night on Twitter haha, So I thank you! Thank you so much!

  • Andy Gill

    Erin thank you so much for sharing… you’re right it is absolutely incredible how our God works! I pray that whether this is a time of loneliness or time in which your’ engulfed in community that you would be able to focus on Him :)

  • Erin Crocker

    Thanks again, Andy!

  • Andy Gill


  • melissatandoc

    Just recently a friend asked me if I knew my vocation and I said yes, I finally did.

    I could relate with you in most ways…even, most of my writings have revealed how ‘torn’ I was between focusing on the spiritual things and ‘loving’ a person.

    I did leave social networking/community for a while and yes, I agree, that without the ‘others,’ I am not vulnerable.

    But this time, I think I’m more ready to receive and be open to whatever God wishes ~ whether I be called to married life or to something else. But right now, I am happy living as a single celibate.

    God bless.

  • troy mc laughlin

    We were built for relationship. First with the creator and second with fellow humans. We are better with others. As iron sharpens iron. We can be isolated but we are not alone. God never leaves us or leaves us alone. People will and do fail us but that is no reason to not be in relationship with them. Thanks Andy for sharing.

  • Caleb Westbrook

    I’m reminded of the final scene in “Into the Wild,” where Chris McCandless journals, finally admitting, “Life is best shared” after pursuing isolation for so long. Powerful discovery! I spent 3.5 months backpacking Europe several years ago and resonate with the tension between pulling away and yet desiring community. Thanks for sharing!