The Approaching Justice Top 10 for 2013

Approaching Justice launched in February 2013, so this list is really the top 10 posts of all-time at Approaching Justice.

It has been a great year. Thank you for your support.

10. Progressive Polygamist: Polygamists Need to Change Their Ways

9. I Am No Longer a Democrat.

8. Ordain Women is Succeeding

6. Have You Seen “My Five Wives” on TLC?

5. Mary Knew! Stop Asking Stupid Questions!

"That Joseph Smith fairy tale, The Book of Mormon, is fraught with grammatical errors and ..."

Are the Sister Wives Mormon?
"How often on forums of this kind one finds, as with you, someone who has ..."

Are the Sister Wives Mormon?
"That silly business about a "devilish Gentile church" messing around with Scripture just won't fly, ..."

Are the Sister Wives Mormon?
"Chelsea, read the words of the False Prophet, Brigham Young, and get yourself educated on ..."

Are the Sister Wives Mormon?

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