Stop Judging Libertarian Mormons

Gregg Collett is the father of 10 children and a Libertarian candidate for District 11, Position A of the Idaho House of Representatives.  He relies upon Medicaid to pay for his children’s medical expenses.  He is also a Mormon.  So does that make him a hypocrite? Here is how he answered the question.  “Am I a hypocrite for participating in programs that I oppose? If it was that simple, and if participation demonstrated support, then of course. But, my reason for participation in government pro … [Read more...]

The Metaphysics of Halloween: Enjoy the Snickers

Halloween is fun.For me, it also poises a fun opportunity to examine how we use truth claims over the most trivial of things.What is Halloween all about?There is a history of how Halloween has evolved from Medieval time to now. However, our celebration of Halloween today has little to do with those roots. Sure, we borrow certain images from that tradition. But even those images are more Madison Avenue and Hollywood than they are All Hallow's Eve.Halloween as we know it, much like … [Read more...]

Bob Bennett Warns Against the Tea Party and other “Slogan Screamers”

Last Thursday, former United States Senator Robert Bennett (R-UT) spoke about the current political scene in the United State at a university forum at Brigham Young University-Idaho in Rexburg, Idaho."Beware of the Slogan Screamers," said Bennett in thinly veiled reference to the Tea Party.Bennett said that Democrats are the party of government solutions and Republicans are the party of market solutions. And both sides can be correct.He praised the Democrats on Civil Rights and … [Read more...]

Can Appeals to Free Will Solve the Problem of Evil?

For me, appeals to free will and human agency have never been particularly satisfying when considering the problem of evil.If anything, I think they might tell us more about how we conceptualize God than how we conceptualize evil.I will need to spend more time studying the philosophy of religion before I can more fully respond to this question, but I found this video from the Center for Philosophy of Religion at the University of Notre Dame to be both helpful and enlightening about this … [Read more...]

Blood Diamonds for Christmas

Last night, Stephen Colbert took a look The Neiman Marcus Christmas Book. "Its the perfect place to find a gift for person that has everything except taste," said Colbert.Colbert used this opportunity to not only remind us of the some of the idiotic excesses of extreme wealth, but also to remind us of some of the horrors that take place as part of the pursuit of extravagant luxury.I wonder if Neiman Marcus has a good Black Friday sale? … [Read more...]

Entrepreneurs and Society: Ethics and Responsibility (Video)

In the following one minute video, Dutch economist and philosopher Ingrid Robeyns shares some brief thoughts on the intersection of entrepreneurship and society.Noting that entrepreneurs are important to society, Robeyns has two tips for entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs:1. If you choose to start a business, address an issue that is an important challenge facing society over the next decade.2. If you are successful, use that opportunity to give something back to … [Read more...]

Support Oxfam and Approaching Justice With a Free Trial of Amazon Prime!

Support Approaching Justice and Oxfam America by signing up for a free 30 day trial of Amazon Prime.Amazon Prime includes FREE Two-Day Shipping for eligible purchases, free access to Amazon Instant Video, and the ability to borrow books from the Kindle Owners' Lending Library.Approaching Justice will donate 50% of the earning received from Amazon to Oxfam America.Oxfam America is a global organization working to right the wrongs of poverty, hunger, and injustice. We save … [Read more...]