A Muslim comment on “Are Mormons Christians” (A Guest Post from Rashid Patch)

The following is a quest contribution to “Are Mormons Christian?” An Interfaith Round TableAs a Muslim, I am supposed to follow the Qur'anic injunction, that when speaking to Ahl al-Kitab - the Family of the Book ("people of the book" is really not a good translation; "Ahl" means, primarily, "family"), I should try to discuss the things we hold in common, and not the things we hold in dispute. Qur'an also assures us that people will argue about the nature of Jesus (peace be upon him) until th … [Read more...]

Surviving the Shutdown as a New Young Public Servant

Monday, September 30th, we were told incase of a government shutdown contingency plans are in place to suspend our training program, that we had been in for eleven weeks, with only one more to go until graduation of our phase 1 part of training for a new job I had secured serving the government. After weeks of hard work, our momentum was propelling us to the end, and it couldn't come soon enough. That day I remember everyone wondering what was going to happen. That night it seemed like New Years … [Read more...]

To a Sister in Need — Thoughts on the Gay Mormon Question

As a devout Mormon who is also an out gay man, I occasionally get letters from people looking for insight, validation, or a simple sounding board. So I wasn't surprised when, a few days ago — in the wake of some unfortunate remarks made at my faith's semi-annual conference — I received a letter from a friend of a friend. She was distraught and wanted someone to listen to her as she wrestled with feelings that had no other outlet.It's truly a blessing to receive letters like this. I take them … [Read more...]

As Is (A Guest Post by Anonymous)

I am an intensely private person.Most people who know me would probably disagree with that, but that is only because they don’t know what they don’t know. I am the embodiment of the onion that Shrek speaks of; there are layers and layers hidden behind the brick walls I have erected to keep others at bay.I don’t like to self-identify because honestly I just really don’t feel like it is anyone’s business but my own. If I am pushed hard though, I identify myself as queer. It is the only l … [Read more...]

A Real Struggle for Religious Freedom

In God's Double Agent, Bob Fu tells us a story about religious and political oppression that Americans can hardly imagine. It is his story.Here, Fu briefly introduces himself and his story:We often throw around terms like oppression and tyranny, like we have a clue as to what they mean.For that reason alone, I would encourage everyone to read the story of Bob Fu, and his wife Heidi. It is a well-written tale and one that will get you thinking about what it is that you would do … [Read more...]

“When Matthew Shepard was murdered I hated homosexuals.” (Guest Post)

The following quest post is from Andrew Hamilton. This is part of Queer Pioneer Week here at Approaching Justice.When Matthew Shepard was murdered I hated homosexuals. I hated homosexuals because I had been taught to hate them. Don’t misunderstand, my parents never specifically taught me to hate gay people; they never would have done such a thing. When I was growing up I do not remember hearing anyone at Church specifically tell me to hate gays or lesbians. Never the less, I hated h … [Read more...]

Homosexuality is Still Not a Sin.

Author's Note: The following is a significant revision and expansion of my earlier post "Homosexuality is Not a Sin." This update is part of Queer Pioneer Week at Approaching Justice. “Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin." I see this phrase a lot. It is no longer particularly clever. In some cases it is harmful and wrong. Well, at least when used in reference to homosexuality and I have rarely heard it used outside the context of discussions about homosexuality. The primary reason t … [Read more...]