Jesuits and Metallica

I was wondering how I could justify sharing a Metallica appearance on the Colbert Report on a blog that deals with religion, politics, a social justice.Then my favorite Catholic Priest, Father James Martin, SJ popped in at 4:13.Well, it was a spiritual experience for me.For whom does the bell toll?Fr. Martin had been on earlier in the show to discuss Pope Francis.Check it out:Love is more important than the rules. … [Read more...]

Some Buddhist Reflections on “Are Mormons Christian?”

My friend and colleague, Justin Whitaker, has made contributed to the blog round table on the question of "Are Mormons Christians?"In his post "Are Mormons Christians? Defining Religious Identity," Whitaker has adds a lot of light on this question from the perspective of a religion scholar and as a Buddhist.I particularly liked this:But perhaps, in this age of increasing cosmopolitanism, the best thing to do is simply ask: Dude, are you a Christian?Yes?Okay then. … [Read more...]

LDS Church to Broadcast Priesthood Session: Some Brief Thoughts

Buried deep in the news release from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announcing the upcoming October General Conference of the Church is the following:As part of a continued effort to make general conference proceedings more accessible to members around the globe, the priesthood session will be shown live for the first time through expanded channels, including, the Mormon Channel and BYUtv.Of course, this is the only news in the news release.Is this a response … [Read more...]

Have You Seen “My Five Wives” on TLC?

TLC recently aired a pilot for a new reality show about a polygamous family in Utah. No, not the Browns. They now live in Nevada.Well, meet the Williams Family:Go watch the full episode here.I was intrigued to hear that the family had moved away from Mormon fundamentalism and that they had a rather pluralistic approach to religion.What do you think about the episode?What differences do you notice between the Williams family and the Brown family of Sister Wives fame? … [Read more...]

Are Mormons Christians? Yes and No.

Author's Note: This is my contribution to the Patheos Blog round table on the question "Are Mormons Christian?"Are Mormons Christians?What makes one a Christian?Is it believing in Jesus Christ?If so, then what must one believe about who Christ is in order to be a Christian?Mormons, as a group, do not believe in the tradition Trinity. Instead, we believe in a Godhead of three separate beings of one unified purpose. For many, this is a drastic difference. I am not sure if it … [Read more...]

“Are Mormons Christians?”: A Blog Round Table

Author's Note: This post is cross-posted at Faith-Promoting Rumor.Are Mormons Christians?For most Mormons, the answer to this question is obvious. Yes, yes they are. They believe in Jesus Christ. This settles it for themFor people from other religious perspectives, the answer is obvious but in the negative. Mormons are not Christians. The reasons for this response is varied.For some, few answers are obvious. Instead, this question is more one of inquiry. For me, the question … [Read more...]

“Hail to the ___________!” I Support a Name Change.

I have been a Washington Redskins football fan since I was 11.On PostTV of The Washington Post last week, Washington Post sports columnist Mike Wise and Oneida Indian Nation leader Ray Halbritter discussed the name Redskins.I have come to the point that I can no longer support the name "Redskins." I am a fan of the Washington football club. I still root for RGIII. However, I would love for the team to change their nickname. This is an amazing opportunity for owner Daniel Snyder to do … [Read more...]