This Song Should Be The American National Anthem (Hymns of Social Justice)

One of my favorite things to share as part of the Hymns of Social Justice series are covers of classic social justice anthems.For Patriot Day, I want to share with you Christian rock artist David Crowder performing Woody Guthrie's "This Land is Your Land."Woody Guthrie presents to us in this song an aspirational vision of hope and longing for a more democratic America. He wrote it as a response to Irving Berlin's "God Bless America,"Today, Crowder's rendition … [Read more...]

“By Night in Chile”: Reflections in Remembrance of the Other 9/11

Author's Note: Today marks the 40th Anniversary of the military coup in Chile which overthrew the democratic socialist regmine of President Salvador Allende. The coup ushered in over 15 years of autocratic military rule. I wrote the following reflection on Roberto Bolaño's By Night in Chile back in 2008.In the immediate aftermath of the coup, thousands of leftists and others where murdered by the military regime. 40 years later, I honor and remember them.   By Night in Chile by Robe … [Read more...]

The Ten Key Values of the Green Party

Author's Note: See my earlier post about why I left the Democratic Party and joined the Green Party.Party platforms are pretty useless. I feel that they tend to divide and confuse. Of course, I am not sure if anybody actually reads them. When they do...they usually regret it. They are such painfully contrived documents. For the most part, they just make delegates to political conventions feel important.In 2000, the Green Party of the United States adopted the following "Ten Key … [Read more...]

I Belong to A Cult.

And I just can't get away from it!I just love the shiny temples.I am mesmerized by our founding prophet figure.Of course, I am talking about the Cult of Mac. Not sure what you might have had in mind.I am looking forward to tomorrow's session of General Conference...umm...I mean...iPhone Event. … [Read more...]

Can there be a Faithful Liberal Mormonism?

I have rediscovered my faith in Christ in recent years and come to terms with my Mormonism. My quest seems to be one of finding where it is that I fit within Mormonism.I am not talking about political liberalism. While political liberalism is my primary area of academic interest, this is not a post about the tired and boring question of "Can a Mormon be a Democrat?" Instead, I am thinking of liberalism in a religious sense.I often hear (or see) references to True Blue Mormons … [Read more...]

What is Just War Theory?

For now, I will let Michael Walzer answer that question. Walzer is professor emeritus at the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) in Princeton, New Jersey. He is also the co-editor or the leftist magazine Dissent.In this clip, Walzer talks about the history of just war theory. He also addresses elements of his own thought on the matter. In the post-Vietnam-era, few have done more to advance just war theory than Michael Walzer.Talk a listen:(Source: Big Think)For Walzer's full … [Read more...]

James Taylor Showered the Mormon Tabernacle Choir with Love.

Last night, James Taylor was joined by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the Utah Symphony for a performance in Salt Lake City.I here traffic in downtown Salt Lake City was pretty crazy last night!I found this video of Taylor performing "Shower the People" with the Choir and the Symphony at the LDS Conference Center.(video from Utah Desert)Okay, I am not even a huge James Taylor fan, but I loved that!Now, go shower the people around you with love. And be sure to shower even … [Read more...]