Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children

(h/t: Big Think)Bill Nye: Denial of evolution is unique to the United States. I mean, we're the world's most advanced technological—I mean, you could say Japan—but generally, the United States is where most of the innovations still happens. People still move to the United States. And that's largely because of the intellectual capital we have, the general understanding of science. When you have a portion of the population that doesn't believe in that, it holds everybody back, rea … [Read more...]

I Don’t Think Obama Wants War. Welcome to The Game.

Wait! He has made speeches stating we should strike. He has sent Secretary of State John Kerry to Congress to make the case for war.Okay, now read between the lines. Politics is almost completely a matter of symbolism. It is even more so in the new media age of the 21st Century.I tend to think that the activists and the partisans struggle most to see the symbolism of what is going around them. They are too close to it. They are following every speech. They are reading every article. They … [Read more...]

Can A Male Be a Feminist? What is a Male?

Can a male be a feminist?Before we can even start to address this question, we first much ask the question "What do we even mean by male or female?"For this I think Judith Butler has a lot to offer on this question:Mormons are essentialists to the extent that we would make Plato blush, particularly on issues of gender. It appears that Mormon Feminism has largely jumped on the essentialist bandwagon, even when defining Mormon Feminism. This may be because Mormon Feminism is stuck … [Read more...]

Fasting with Pope Francis for Peace

Pope Francis has called Saturday September 7 to be a day of fasting and praying for peace in Syria.The Associated Press reported the following about his address last Sunday from St. Peter's Square:"With utmost firmness, I condemn the use of chemical weapons. I tell you that those terrible images from recent days are burned into my mind and heart," the pope said, in an apparent reference to photos and TV images of victims of chemical weapons in Syria."There is the judgment of God, and also … [Read more...]

Australian Prime Minister Offers Christian and Moral Defense of Gay Marriage (Updated)

UPDATE: (September 8, 2013) My praise did not help Mr. Rudd in the Australian elections on September 7. Mr. Rudd and his Labor Party got crushed. He will no longer be prime minister and has announced that he will step down as head of the Labor Party.Kevin Rudd is the prime minister of Australia. In a recently televised Q & A, Rudd offered a response to a question about why he changed his position on gay marriage. His response is both philosophical and theological.Now, I want to … [Read more...]

“Atheists have Rock N’ Roll”

I am not an Atheist, though I consider many Atheists amongst my friends.Fellow Patheos Blogger Rebecca Hamilton shared a video of the Steve Martin performing "Atheists Don't Have Songs." A you might expect from Steve Martin, the song is a satirical and it will make you smile. I think I prefer Martin the banjo man more than I do Martin the actor. The song is more a satire of the image people have of Atheists than it is of Atheists.Just ignore the straw men statements about Atheists that … [Read more...]

This Liberal Likes Tim Tebow!

I do. I really like Tim Tebow. His NFL career may be over, I have no idea. But I am sometimes sickened by the malevolent attitude some people have towards him. It seems as though they are rooting for the guy to fail.Back in the January 2012, we were still living in Wyoming. We were in the Denver media market and got watch a lot of Tebow the season before they brought in Peyton Manning. I wrote the following at Faith-Promoting Rumor:I am not a University of Florida fan. Some of … [Read more...]