There has been a number of rather contentious and awkward conversations about Heavenly Mother on the bloggernacle over the years. My view is that we should spend more time thinking about the role that mother’s play in our society and our relationship with the mothers in our own lives. I think that one of the great contributions of feminist theory is the emphasis on the here and now…and the need to avoid unnecessary abstraction. In “Mother” by Roger Waters (originally… Read more

Last week I watched Les Mis for the first time. I’ve heard of the story but had never seen any of the film or play productions. I will say I was impressed. I thought it was a great story.  The music is what got me. I felt it to be inspiring in many ways, and making the story that much more influential. There were many great songs, and lines in the songs that I thought were pretty powerful.  One of… Read more

After 3 years in Wyoming, the Henrichsen clan will be moving to Las Vegas! My wife has accepted an elementary school teaching position there. Pretty much everything has fallen apart for us here and we are super excited about starting over. I will continue to blog and I will be continuing my position as Faith and Social Justice Director with Independence Rock Group: Center to Faith, Ethics, and Social Justice. We will be going from a state with about 530,000… Read more

Patheos has switch over to using Disqus for the comment section at Approaching Justice and other blogs here at I am hoping that it will allow for more interaction here at Approaching Justice. In particular, this new format will allow you to receive email notifications about follow up comments. Comments from the last few weeks may not be appearing at time…but they will be. Go try out the new format today. Leave a comment! 🙂 Thanks.   Find the… Read more

Please connect with Approaching Justice via Facebook or Twitter. I am hoping to build up the Approaching Justice Facebook Page. Please re-tweet or share any posts that you like or loathe. Bring your friends, family, and foes into the conversation! Thanks! Find the Approaching Justice Facebook Page here. Go “like” it! Find the Approaching Justice Twitter feed here. Read more

Elizabeth Smart, the rescued kidknapping victim who has gone on to serve an LDS mission and graduate from BYU, is now heading a foundation which advocates for victims of sex crimes. She recently spoke at Johns Hopkins University and the Christian Science Monitor reported the following: Rescued kidnapping victim Elizabeth Smart said Wednesday she understands why some human trafficking victims don’t run. Smart said she “felt so dirty and so filthy” after she was raped by her captor, and she… Read more

A prophet once said, “Your anger is a gift.” That prophet was Zack De La Rocha. In this age of incivility, many crave civility as an ends in itself. However, civility is a situational virtue. In many ways, civility is a bourgeois virtue. It protects the powerful and the comfortable, because uncivil behavior is a threat to them most of all. Do not agitate. Do not criticize. It is not civil and nice. Martin Luther King’s Letter for Birmingham Jail… Read more

I have been pondering a good bit lately about what it means to “love your enemies.” I am going to post about regularly over the next month or two. Today, I just want to share share Matthew 5:43-48. Below are those verses from three different English translations. Matthew 5:43-48 (KJV) > Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy. But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse… Read more

I am currently ranked at #33 and have a ways to go. I still need your vote! As I have mentioned yesterday, I am trying to go to Netroots Nation so that I can network and advance both my blogging and my social justice advocacy.   The voting goes through May 7th and I still need your help! In order to lock in one of the scholarships, I need to be one of the top 5 vote-getters among the different… Read more

Surviving Wyoming is no longer about surviving the brutal weather and climate (like it was the pioneers) but it is about surviving the brutal and cruel people. Meg Lanker-Simons is my friend. I am her friend. I stand by her for that very reason. I know what it is like to be thrown under the bus by an institution of higher education that is willing to spread vitriol and lies in order to cover itself. I know what it is… Read more

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