Testimony meeting is…like a box of chocolates.

Today, we attended our first testimony meeting in Las Vegas. Apparently testimony meeting when you go to church near the Las Vegas Strip involves people from other places making self-righteous comments about the Strip.One guy even made a Sodom and Gomorrah comment.Sacrament meeting is the main weekly worship service in the LDS Church. Testimony meeting is during the Sacrament meeting on the first Sunday of the month. Instead of assigned talks or sermons, during testimony meeting any … [Read more...]

August Subscription Drive: Help Me Readers, You Are My Only Hope Weekend

I am going to come at this from a different angle than I did yesterday.August is the first quarterly subscription drive here at Approaching Justice.The goal for this drive is to get 1000 individual subscriptions or donations.I am asking you to help by picking one of two ways:1. Subscribe to make monthly $2 payments to Approaching Justice.2. Make a one-time donation in an amount of your choosing.My goal for this weekend is 100 subscriptions or … [Read more...]

“Religion in Human Evolution” Robert Bellah (1927-2013)

I just saw on the website of the American Academy of Religion (AAR) that the amazing sociologist Robert Bellah passed away yesterday, July 31, 2013, at the age of 86.From the AAR:Bellah was the Elliot Professor of Sociology Emeritus at the University of California, Berkeley, where he taught sociology of religion. Educated at Harvard where he taught for 10 years, Bellah moved to Berkeley in 1967 and served there until 1997. He did cross-cultural work on religion in Japan and in American … [Read more...]

Power Confirmed and Heading to the UN

Today, by a vote of 87-10, the United States Senate confirmed the nomination of human rights activist Samantha Power to serve as ambassador to the United Nations.On June 5, when Power was nominated by President Obama, I posted the following about Power:I am very excited to see that Samantha Power is being appointed as United States Ambassador to the United Nations. Power is a strong advocate for a liberal foreign policy that focuses on human rights. In particular, Power has focused … [Read more...]

There are No “Fake” Geeks, Only Real Jerks. Geek Feminism Fights Back!

Apparently some guy geeks were not being very nice to some girls geeks. Guy geeks can be jerks! So, the band Doubleclicks fought back...with a few cameos from some non-jerk guy geeks...but mostly girl geeks claiming their place in the mighty world of geekdom!As a liberal feminist with postmodern leanings, I am loving geek feminism right now!Does posting this make me a geek?I sure hope so.Please support our efforts here at Approaching Justice to be more geeky. … [Read more...]

(UPDATED) Welcome to August and the Approaching Justice Subscription Drive!

As August begins, I am looking forward to this new month at Approaching Justice.This month, I have the goal of breaking 25,000 page views for the first time.August is also our first full month in Las Vegas. We are loving our new home and I hope to do some more writing about our experiences. I also plan on doing some theoretical/cultural/philosophical/theological musings on Sin City.August is also going to be important for Approaching Justice. August 2013 will be the first quarterly … [Read more...]

Bradley Manning is Acquitted of Aiding the Enemy

Both Politico and the Huffington Post are reporting that Bradley Manning has been acquitted of aiding the enemy. This was the most serious charge facing him. It was also the charge which could have sent him to prison for the rest of his days. The Huffington Post is also reporting that he was found guilty of the lesser charges.My understanding is that Manning will be sentenced next week. He has been held in solitary confinement since 2011. While I am sure that he will be staying in prison … [Read more...]