I wrote about A Theory of Justice: The Musical! a while ago. Check out the trailer. The show had a sell out run in Oxford. I am looking forward to future releases of CDs, DVDs, and posters…because I am going to collect them all! No, I am not obessed. Read more

I am embedding my twitter feed for the SOTU Address below. Feel free to respond to me there of in the comments. I will respond to comment here as well.     Tweets by @Chrishenrichsen Read more

Tonight is the State of the Union Address! I am interested to see what President Obama has to say, particularly in light of what he had to say in his Inaugural Address.   In his Inaugural Address he hit heavy on egalitarian economic themes and was strong and direct in his commitment to gay rights.   I am not so much hoping that says specific things, but I will be listening for certain things:   Will he make specific proposals… Read more

We have in many ways ruined Abraham Lincoln. I love him because of his flaws. He was surely a work in progress. Yet, the progression of his thought is a work of beauty in and of itself.   He was not a pretty politician. He was not a pretty man. But he brought with him a humility and a moral vision of the nation-state which in many ways correctly many of the major failings of the founders.   I feel… Read more

Welcome to Approaching Justice!   I have been blogging for many years at Faith-Promoting Rumor. I will still be contributing at FPR, but I am starting a different venture here.   Approaching Justice will be a combination of religion, politics, current events, and…well…Chris Henrichsen. So, that means there will be some pop culture and personal musings as well. There might even be some poetry. 🙂   The guiding theme of this blog is social justice. As the title of this… Read more

From late March of 2012 through November 2012, I ran for the United States House of Representative. Many of you know that already. However, I have not really told my story. There were many times on the trail that I thought “I am totally going to write about THAT some day.” Well, it begins here. The campaign was a transformative experience. It helped me realize who I am. It helped me discover a deeper faith and a deeper love of… Read more

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