I Still Need Your Vote! (Netroots Nation Update)

I am currently ranked at #33 and have a ways to go.I still need your vote!As I have mentioned yesterday, I am trying to go to Netroots Nation so that I can network and advance both my blogging and my social justice advocacy. The voting goes through May 7th and I still need your help!In order to lock in one of the scholarships, I need to be one of the top 5 vote-getters among the different people who have applied for the scholarship. Even if I do not make the top 5, a … [Read more...]

Meg Lanker-Simons is my friend.

Surviving Wyoming is no longer about surviving the brutal weather and climate (like it was the pioneers) but it is about surviving the brutal and cruel people.Meg Lanker-Simons is my friend. I am her friend. I stand by her for that very reason.I know what it is like to be thrown under the bus by an institution of higher education that is willing to spread vitriol and lies in order to cover itself.I know what it is like to deal with law enforcement in Wyoming. Not the most analytical … [Read more...]

I Need Your Vote! Help Send me to Netroots Nation!

I need your vote!I also need your help.As I have mentioned before, I am shifting into a new stage of life. I am no longer teaching at an institution, instead I am advocating and writing about social justice full-time both as part of Independence Rock Group: Center for Faith, Ethics, and Social Justice and here at Approaching Justice.As a result of this shift, I need to network and branch out in a whole range of new directions. For this reason, I am competing for a scholarship that will … [Read more...]

Which Side Are You On? (Happy May Day!)

I was introduced to the Florence Reece's song "Which Side Are You On?" by Pete Seeger's rendition of the song. I love Pete's version. It is a haunting song in many ways.I recently can across Natalie Merchant's cover of "Which Side Are You On?" It is equally haunting and beautiful.Earlier today, I wrote about officially joining a union.Which side are you on? … [Read more...]

I am Union! (Happy May Day!)

This week, I officially became Union. I have joined the National Writers Union (NWU). The NWU is affiliated with the United Auto Workers (UAW) and the AFL-CIO.As I have become disillusioned with the Wyoming Democratic Party , and party politics in general, I have been looking for groups and organizations that will allow me to advance social justice while also enjoying the association that comes with belonging to a group. I am social like that.On the campaign trail, few groups were more … [Read more...]

May Day- “Union Town”

 Happy May Day … [Read more...]

More or Less: Some Insights from Aristotle

Jeff Shinabarger's More or Less: Choosing a Lifestyle of Excessive Generosity reminded me of two philosophers, Aristotle and Peter Singer and how they addressed the idea of generosity. Today, I want to focus on Aristotle.AristotleAristotle directly addresses the idea of generosity in his Ethics. Generosity is a virtue for Aristotle and as such it is the middle point between a deficiency and an excess. Both the deficiency and the excess, in this case, are vices.The key to generosity for … [Read more...]