About Sterling

When Sterling was 3 years old, her parents packed everything they owned into storage, put a roof rack on their ‘66 VW Bug and spent three months driving with her across the US and Canada. She’s been a nomad ever since. She’s lived in El Salvador, Guatemala, Canada, England, Scotland, Israel and several states in the US. Every place is a new spirit to get acquainted with, fall in love with, or struggle with. Her path within Druidry is a spiritual dance of learning the relationships of all the people, human and otherwise, in the context of place. She has a collection of short stories, The Imaginary City and Other Places, which you can read on Kindle or in paperback.

Speaking of Burning Mountains…

So, here I am in the midst of writing stories about a world aflame, and what should happen in real life but the state I’m in is literally on fire. There are some 100 wildfires in the region right now. It looks from the map that 23 of them are currently considered “large fires”. Driving [Read More…]

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The Mountain Of Fire, A Parable

Once upon a time, a long time ago, in another dimension where whole worlds can be built in a singular city, there was one such world on a magnificent volcanic mountain. The mountain was home to a vast number of humans of diverse skin colors, languages and cultures. The top of the mountain was covered [Read More…]

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The Most Important Issue Of Our Day

You may have seen a comic by Chainsaw Suit called All Things Considered. It’s three panels. The first one shows a guy saying, “Well, I think that ALL lives matter.” The second shows a man holding a firehose and saying, “We should care exactly equally at all times about everything.” The third panel shows the [Read More…]

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Living Values in A Place

When we try to live according to our values, we cannot just do so in the private sphere. Our values-driven actions spill into the public space, whether we intend for them to do so or not. One might even argue that all of our actions are values-driven. Although some of our actions seem to be against our values, we tend to have reasons for taking those actions that speak of competing values that live alongside of, or interfere with our stated core. As we interact with other people in our families and communities, those values bump into friction points. That’s where personal values often turn into political ones.
[Read more…]

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Bugs of Africa

Before the plane left Dar Es Salaam, a voice came over the P.A. to tell us that the chemicals they were about to spray posed no risk to our health. Then the flight attendants walked up the isles between the seats spraying something from small canisters up into the air to ensure that no dangerous African bugs would hitch a ride with us to Europe. [Read more…]

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Anatomy of The Spirit of Place

I am a conscious being who lives and has experiences which affect me and shape my identity and personality. This does not seem strange in any way, even though modern science tells me that most of my body is not actually made up of parts with my DNA. There are bacteria and virii as well as chemicals which course through me which, if taken separately, are not “me”, but taken together are all part of me and all influence me, my thoughts and my activities. [Read more…]

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So, This is Tanzania…

It’s kind of amazing to think about the fact that we are standing on the surface of a ball that’s hurtling through space. We can get into an airplane and fly over the surface of that ball, and when we get out, we’re standing on another part. It’s the same ball, but things are so different. People speak a different language. Many of the plants are different. The food is different. And yet, so much is the same. It is the same big ball, after all. [Read more…]

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