The celebration of the move of the USA embassy to Jerusalem was in stark contrast to the mood on the Palestinian side, where the demonstrations against the move resulted in killing of over 50 Palestinians today in Gaza and the West bank by the Israeli soldiers. This effectively may have put an end to the dream of having Israeli-Palestinian peace in our lifetime. This AP video shows the contrast in the mood.  The video can also be found in NY… Read more

In response to my post titled 7 Reasons Why You Should Be Glad You Are Not An American Muslim, many of my friends reminded me that American Muslims are not the only group that are victims of prejudice, hate and bigotry. Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, and racism against African Americans and immigrants are everyday occurrences, giving birth to movements such as Black Lives Matter. One of my facebook friends Judy Git, correctly pointed out the rising anti-Semitism in America and Europe. She… Read more

    Was the Islamic golden age an interfaith utopia or a prolonged period of subjugation for the Jews and Christians? Why is this period also called the golden age of Jewish-Muslim relations? The truth is probably in between the two extremes, as I will explain in a moment. And what caused the Islamic golden age to fall, and specifically how did the Jewish-Muslim relationship deteriorate near the end of this golden era? Some of the best reviews on this… Read more

My last article was a brief overview of the Islamic golden age. This article’s focus is on some of the important contributions from this era, realizing a full review would require writing a multi- volume book. My initial thought was to write about individual scholars but upon further pondering, I decided to sort them under specific fields, although I will mention a few notables here. Since publishing the last article, I have had quite a bit of feedback, ranging from… Read more

The Islamic golden age spanned from the eighth century to the fourteenth century, and according to many others lasted until around the sixteenth century. This is an era when the Muslim world thrived due to its emphasis on scholarship, discovery, invention and inclusivity, and was considered a hub for scientific advances, and spread of knowledge in the fields of physics, chemistry, medicine, architecture, metaphysics, philosophy, geometry and mathematics among others. This post is the first of a series on the… Read more

My last blog post titled, 7 Reasons Why You should Be Glad You Are Not an American Muslim was a good reminder that Muslims are not the only community facing discrimination and bias. I did not imply Muslims are the only group facing prejudice, as other minorities have indeed faced, and still face discrimination and hate. Despite all this, I am still very glad to be an American Muslim and will explain why. It is not like Muslims are unhappy… Read more

Let me start by saying I am very proud of being an American Muslim. I am happy to be a Muslim and happy to be an American. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to feel proud and convey this pride to your offspring. American youth is increasing more confused about their identity, and some feel defensive about their Muslim identity. Media and public biases against American Muslims are increasingly brought to limelight. Earlier this month, Kumar Rao and Carey Shenkman,… Read more

The Saudi Crown Prince made a sensational revelation last month during an interview with Washington Post, admitting that the Saudis were actively exporting Wahhabism-the extremist brand of Islam , considered by many as the source of global “Islamic” terrorism, to other Islamic countries at the behest of United States and other western countries. But is it “new”news really? The Crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman stated that the Saudi government spent billions of dollars to support overseas mosques and religious schools, called… Read more

As I near my 60th birthday this year, I am starting to have some health issues. It does put a damper on your energy and ambitions in life. But rather than getting grumpy, it makes me appreciate, and recognize how incredibly blessed I have been for things that I took for granted, and gives me opportunity to show my gratitude to God Almighty – the giver of everything. First of all, let me say at the outset, none of these… Read more

  Let me start by stating what is not so controversial: Abraham is considered the father of monotheistic religions- Judaism, Christianity and Islam. He is a powerful unifying source, which is sadly still unrealized by and large.The question keeps popping up whether he was a Jew or Muslim or a Christian. The first question you may ask is: does it really matter? I think it still matters to some who hold him in high esteem and care whether he is… Read more

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