AskAngus 24: Holidays with Family and Mass Murder


Family. Oy. George Burns once said that “Everyone should have a big, loving family – in another city.” But you have to deal with them eventually. Cuz, you know, you love them. [Read more...]

AskAngus 23: What is strange liquid that fall from sky?


We want water only on our own terms. Assume you do get caught in the rain and get wet. Unpleasant? Sure. So the first thing you do when you get home…… take a shower. Hmm. [Read more...]

Ask Angus #22: Teo Bishop, the Invisible Fighter Pilot

Nothing to see here - move along.

I’m not a sheep, or the shepherd, or the herding dog, or even a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I’m more like a coyote over in the next valley, trotting along, looking for an easy meal. [Read more...]