Want a happy marriage? 3 Ways to Nix All Marriage Negativity

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  • CJ

    Sorry to disagree, but my wife disconnected from me years ago and said that being in love with me was not her choice, even though our marital counselor said that choices are followed by feelings (much like you say in step #3). I just hope and pray that some day she will soften her heart and God can transform our marriage of 20-plus years to flourish and be more affectionate, loving and bountiful than ever before. I am ready and willing and have always made the choice to love her through thick and thin, she just has to reciprocate!

  • Roma Singh

    A positive outlook is extremely important in all aspects of life and it is no different when it comes to marriages. I can’t agree more to the fact that choosing how we feel about our partners is the right approach to a happy relationship.