Maxim Monday: Find fault with no one


How is this maxim possible? Everybody has faults and everyone messes up from time to time. How are we supposed to not find faults with others?

I actually tried to look this one up. I found a little commentary by Epictetus in The Enchiridion. It seems to be about not blaming others for things that we can control and not putting our responsibilities on those people or situations that we can’t control. In a way, this maxim is a reminder to take responsibility for ourselves.

Some other Pagan bloggers have approached this maxim from the point of view of not stirring up strife in our communities, by blaming and finger-pointing. Sure, no one is perfect and people screw up, but publicly name calling and tearing other people down is never the way forward.

I might go so far as to say that this maxim is about minding our own business and trying our best to live in harmony and community with everyone. Taking responsibility for only ourselves, communicating clearly and letting others have their own actions/feelings/responses and letting them have ownership of those things are ways to avoid finding fault with others. I suppose.

I admit, this maxim is a perplexing one for me. Anyone else have some insight into this one?

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