My Take on Wiccanate Privilege

Another of the big discussions of privilege that occurred at PCon this year was regarding Wiccanate privilege. I did not attend this panel. I had decided to not write on this topic as I don't feel particularly strongly about it. But after going through some of the various write ups of this panel, I have some thoughts.Firstly, there is some great discussion occurring, mainly in regard to the larger ideas of what our communities are, stand for, and how they work (or don't work) together. There … [Read more...]

Pagan Dinner Time


Now with more angst!I had my last Pagan Tea Time date on Sunday evening: Rhyd Wildermuth, blogger and punk, came to dinner at my house. We were supposed to gather for afternoon tea, but as he was catching a ride from Seattle to Portland, it worked out that he got dinner at my house instead.There were pleasantries, getting-to-know-you questions, and interruptions galore from my kids. My husband had just finished doing the taxes, and suffice it to say that he was not his usual sociable … [Read more...]

Pagans and Money

Nature is calming. Here, have a picture of a fire road in the Santa Cruz mountains. By Grey3k (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons.

Pantheacon, a sort of 'gathering of the tribes,' is a place where one can get a sense of the modern, American, neo-Pagan zeitgeist. Yes, the blogosphere also helps with this, but it's the conversations that go on after the panels are over, the ones occurring in hospitality suites and hallways, that alert careful listeners to the conversations we're not having as a community. This year there were two panels that aimed to address some of this: Pagans & Privilege, moderated by T Thorn Coyle, … [Read more...]

Maxim Monday: Two-for-One

The next two Delphic Maxims make me laugh, even though they do have some wisdom in them. I'm committed to commenting on all of 147. These two take us through 67!The first is: know the judge. Certainly this would be helpful! I can't imagine the Delphic Oracle is suggesting that we use our personal connections to influence justice for our unjust benefit, but knowing the tendencies and history of a judge could prove very helpful in crafting an argument that might steer the outcome in one's … [Read more...]

Pantheacon 2014: Biggest Pagan Tea Time Ever


I attended Pantheacon in San Jose this past weekend. Every one else has their review posts up; I'd like to add mine to the mix! It was a bit of a 'working vacation,' but since I consider my 'work' my entire life, practice, family, and all, the overwhelming feeling coming home was more joy at having had my cups filled, in ways that a regular, ol' vacation rarely does for me.Pantheacon occurs every President's Day weekend at the DoubleTree Hotel in San Jose. Between flights, rooms, and … [Read more...]

Maxim Monday: Honor Good Men

Adam and our daughter, about 8 months old at the time, in Wales.

This Maxim is likely using the word 'men' to mean humans. (Any Greek scholars want to help me out here?) So, yes, let's honor good people where we find them.We can get caught up parsing the word 'good' and wonder who among us is truly good? Everyone has a flaw, a blind spot, or something dishonorable in their past. Yet, we should honor the good we want to see more of in the world.On that note, I'd like to honor a good man in my life. It's a few days after Valentine's day, a 'holiday' I … [Read more...]

Pantheacon: Health and Hygiene

I drew Kali yantras and used them to ward my house. I'll be doing something different for my hotel room.

Pantheacon may not be the center of the Pagan world, but for four days every February it sure does feel like it is. At the very least, it's the center of much of my Pagan world. This year I am thrilled to be attending for my third time.Here is a list of my Con advice. I think it's advice that works not just for Pantheacon (PCon), but other large gatherings and life in general.My number one recommendation to anyone attending PCon is ward your room. Whatever technique you have - … [Read more...]