Pantheacon is Approaching Fast!


It's that time again, my friends! Pantheacon time! This is how I feel:I don't get many vacations, so PCon fills that space. Sure, it's a working vacation, in the sense that I also take notes for future blog posts, try to keep my finger on the pulse of what is happening in the Pagan world, and network about various things. But the trip also fills many other personal cups for me too. I get to see friends and allies that I might go years without seeing. I get to attend ritual, ritual that I am … [Read more...]

The Mystic Hunger

Hermit Shadowscapes

I am looking for something. And I don't know what it is. I am looking for a place to call home. A land that speaks to me. No, all land speaks. I'm looking for a land I can hear. Whose words and sounds and shapes match my rhythms and cadences. I'm looking for the gods. Where will they manifest? In this ritual? At this devotion? Around that corner? The gods have truly Shown Up so rarely that I go through long phases wondering if I've just made it all up. But I didn't, I haven't. Those few … [Read more...]

Imbolc, aka False Spring

Crocuses. By Thesupermat, via Wikimedia Commons

Imbolc has grown on me over the years. Like the growing light of the days, finally discernible after the long dark of winter nights, Imbolc makes its presence quietly known. I've never had a strong connected with Brigit, Bríd, or any of the patron saints and gods of this holiday. I admit that the lore only finally made sense to me after living in Wales, across from a sheep field.What I've noticed here in Washington is that Imbolc is the False Spring. Yes, there's more light. Yes, some buds … [Read more...]

Get ready….. Get set…..

Many Gods West, the polytheist conference Rhyd Wildermuth, P Sufenas Virius Lupus, and I have been working on will open for registration on Sunday, February 1! Our keynote speaker is Morpheus Ravenna, she of the Coru Cathubodua. We are still seeking submissions for presentations, panels, lectures, rituals, and the like.The conference will be in Olympia, WA, conveniently located between Seattle and Portland, Jul 31- Aug 2. We're going to have fun. I hope you'll join us! … [Read more...]

My First Gods

Theotokos of Balaam

I have a special place in my heart for the gods I consider my "first." They aren't the gods I work with regularly now. They aren't the ones I turn to regularly for inspiration, guidance, or companionship these days. But they are two that have had a profound impact on my life. Because of that I hold them in high regard, have a place for them on my altars and shrines, and give them greetings regularly.The first is the Theotokos, otherwise known as the Virgin Mary. I blame her for my … [Read more...]

Ordeals and Austerities

Matthias Grünewald's The Crucifixion of Christ, 1502

Ordeals and austerities have a place in most religious traditions. They serve a variety of purposes: strengthening, purifying, humbling, initiating. The two are not the same though, and don't necessarily serve the same purposes.Ordeals are trials that one must go through. I see them as one time occurences. One can prepare for them, or sometimes an ordeal is upon us before we realize it. Ordeals take us into a place where we face our fears. This can be part of an initiation process or can be … [Read more...]

The Witches’ Almanac 2015

2015cover-Witches Almanac

Fifteen years ago the internet was a baby. If a person wanted to reach out to other like minded Pagans, Occultists, or feminist spirituality nerds, there were some chat groups and some awful Angel Fire websites. Wikipedia didn't exist. Facebook didn't exist. Perhaps some very tech savvy people were finding outlets for their curiosities and needs. I was not tech savvy. What I found on the internet was generally unhelpful and confusing. Book stores were where I found information.Among the few … [Read more...]