Don't worry, you're all winners to me.Thanks to everyone for entering my first 'contest.' It was fun to do!I wrote out all the names and put them in my pretty silver salad bowl.My son drew names for two of the books and my daughter drew for one.Without further ado the winners are:Ambaa wins Make Magic of Your Life by T Thorn CoyleJody Marx wins Seeking the Mystery by Christine Hoff KraemerRhiannon Mackey Dacono from Colorado wins Kali by Elizabeth U … [Read more...]

Win some books!

Winsome books that can be won.I have three books to give away!Make Magic of Your Life by T. Thorn Coyle. If you are a student of Feri or of Thorn's this book may be a bit rudimentary for you. You've probably already heard her say these things many times before. For those not familiar with Thorn's work or for those looking for a fresh perspective on integrating their passions into their lives, regardless of their spiritual tradition, I think this book could be very helpful. Thorn has a … [Read more...]

Maxim Monday: Give what you have

I don't think this Maxim is like the admonition from Jesus to turn the other cheek, to give even your coat to the person who wants your shirt. I think this Maxim is encouraging us to share what we have. If I have only a cup of food and some one asks for some, I can spare a bite.I don't think there is any virtue in starving one's self so that others may eat, but I do believe there is great benefit in sharing what we have. I live a life of abundance. I do not have first hand experience with … [Read more...]


Next Friday I'm going to give away THREE books! Be sure to check back midweek (or follow the Facebook page) for details on which books and how to be eligible.And now, my family is off to Portland for the weekend. Have a good weekend! … [Read more...]

The Stories We Tell

Attempting to process one's life in public is difficult. It's challenging to avoid details that risk exposing other less public people, or details that get too intimate for my comfort. Yet how to explain my story? I fear I might have misrepresented myself in my last post. The likelier occurrence is that in attempting to present my experience safely, I actually created A Story.What's a 'Story'? It's a narrative of events that we tell ourselves to make the confusion neater and tidier, to wrap … [Read more...]

Maxim Monday: Educate Your Sons

Yes! A Maxim I am excited about! I agree whole-heartedly agree that our sons need be educated. I believe in education, particularly one that involves wonder, creativity and critical thinking. Lets give our boys sciences, art, music, history, literature, maths, outdoor skills, virtues, and the abilities to express themselves.And let's of course give that to our daughters.Aside from academics, which I believe are for boys and girls, I'd like to talk about some things I aim to teach my own … [Read more...]

Feri Freshman Hazing

I talk about the Magic a lot. I also call it the Current. You might call it Flow, God, the Divine, the still small voice within, serendipity - there are many names. Over the years, I have developed a sense of it, when I think I'm pulled by the Current, rather than by just my own whims. Usually what happens is an Idea comes into my or my husband's head, an idea previously unconsidered. Or an opportunity is presented to me and I am faced with having to choose Yes or No. Most of the time these … [Read more...]