The Book of Matthew

I can't remember the last time I sat down and read something from the bible. In my academic studies I did a lot of work with the first three chapters of Genesis. Occasionally I'd pay attention to the scripture readings at church services when I'd sing there. I was surprised, and I'm not sure why, to discover just how terribly boring is the gospel of Matthew. Something I remember from my religious studies days, and which was clear as day to me as I read Matthew, is that this gospel was written … [Read more...]


Firstly: I think I must be doing something right. My son, now 3.5 years old, just stood in front of the altar (which is still not fully set up), put his hands together, and prayed to the Ancestors to bless the dead and everyone in this house. Then he went back and said 'Mother, I love you with all my heart. Bless my parents and all my friends.' Oh, my heart. Secondly: This site will be down tomorrow in observance/protest of SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect Intellectual Property … [Read more...]

Fifteen Years in the Wrong Shoes – part one

Something I remember from my years in Christianity is the practice of telling one’s story of how they came to Jesus. There’s a name for these stories, but I can’t remember what it is.... maybe 'witness'? Last quarter I had planned to write about how I found Feri but the move took up so much of my brain that I let that go. Now, hanging out with friends, the question has come up – what was my upbringing? What was my time in Christianity like? But every time I start this post I get caught … [Read more...]

A House Blessing

Friday, January 6th, was Theophany (according to the Eastern Orthodox Church) and Epiphany for the rest. I'm not sure why, but it is on this day that house blessings occur in the Orthodox tradition, my preferred flavor of Christianity. A priest comes around to the home and blesses the structure and its inhabitants. I've just moved into a new home. I usually do a house blessing when I move anywhere new. My past practice has been to use various incenses to cleanse the space, then sprinkle salt … [Read more...]

A quick check in

I haven’t meant to go so long between posts. We are in our house, but internet doesn’t start until tomorrow, and we’re still in that chaotic, seemingly never-ending period of unpacking, sorting, finding, organizing, etc. This is by far my most challenging and taxing move yet. Each day gets better (I tell myself). I love our new home and I think Olympia is already a great fit for us. I think about this blog and this project often. As annoying as moving in the middle of it has been, it … [Read more...]

A New Year

I'm not much for New Year's parties or resolutions. Now that I have kids I have even less desire to stay up late among raucous revellers. Going to bed early suits me just fine. I feel like the Gregorian new year is oddly placed anyway. I always feel like it should come either at the winter solstice or perhaps on the vernal equinox. January 1st feels like an arbitrary, but satisfying bookend to the winter holiday season, a point marking the arrival of the longest, coldest part of winter for me: … [Read more...]

Beginning Thoughts from Cornwall

The 21st has come and gone. A new quarter begins. I stood at the sink washing the dishes, looking out at the stump and bush from which the Horned One was staring at me. I apologized that I would be neglecting him. He continues to peek out at me. My instincts tell me to greet the land and offer milk and mince pies, but that just doesn’t….. seem Christian. So I sit and stew about this conflict. My sensibilities have changed since last I practiced Christianity exclusively. I tried, I … [Read more...]

Nadelik Lowen

In Cornwall with no internet. My profound insights on the holidays will have to wait. May you all be blessed and revived by the coming of the Light. … [Read more...]

A note

No interesting posts for the next few days. We are in the thick of moving, leaving bright and early tomorrow morning. I will post again once we get settled into Cornwall. May you have a warm and blessed Yule! … [Read more...]

A Goodbye

The boxes are packed. We came to Wales with twelve boxes, four suitcases, two cats and one child nearly two and half years ago. We leave with 14 boxes, three and a half suitcases, one cat and two kids. These final days are the busiest, most chaotic. My friend, Haloquin, arrived for dinner and magic last night in the midst of people moving furniture out of our house, me feeding the baby and the three-year old running around in his green, footed pajamas. My energy was frazzled and frayed.Halo and … [Read more...]