537 votes are more important than 538 electoral votes

Only two more days until the election is over.

Last night (Saturday) I got three phone calls from various voter surveys and GOTV operations – and all were after 8pm. Plus, my inbox looks like this:

Not to mention it’s impossible to watch anything on Hulu without suffering through campaign and superpac ads.

But it’s important we not succumb to election fatigue. This election is no more important than any other – which is to say, it’s critically important. All elections matter, especially when every vote counts (and believe me, it really does).

In fact the Obama campaign itself has a video out, called “537 votes” that reminds us just how close an election can be:

Key message: you may feel your vote doesn’t count, that elections are a waste of time, that it doesn’t matter who gets elected. Back in 2000, about 537 people felt the same way as you do. And that was all it took to change the history of the world.

On Tuesday evening, the number that everyone will be discussing is 538 – the number of electoral votes that Romney and Obama are fighting over. But the number that matters on Tuesday is 537 – a reminder of how thin the margin of victory can be.


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