God Unlimited

Our God is a fantastic fellow.

We try to limit Him, we really do. Just looking over my own posts I read myself vaguely attempting to tame God into an understandable being – “He will do this, He always does this”, etc. – when the tremendous truth is that God is wild and free to do whatever he wants, a hurricane of love not subject to our pitiful analysis. How often do we forget this? To my Thomists, who spend their time so well in breaking down our knowledge into basic principles, in understanding God from square one: Do you forget that Aquinas died to the Song of Songs, that in the end he declared all his work dust in the face of the beatific vision? This is not to say that his methods aren’t good – in fact, they’re the best – but that they necessarily lead to an even greater awe of God, not scientific knowledge of Him. Theology does not label God, it unlabels Him, revealing Him as the untamed monster he truly is. This is not to say that He is not consistent, but it is to beg of you to heed what Chesterton demands, to “Let your religion be less of a theory, and more of a love affair.” If your God is wild, how can you remain calm?

An example? Well why not. I was in adoration and I told my Lord the following. “Hello! I believe you are here, I love you and adore you because you are God. I do not need consolation, I do not need to cry, I do not need emotional fulfillment, because you are real, regardless of how I’m feeling.” And God responded – in that way only God can, that way impossible to express without sounding crazy – “Ha! Do you think you can truly love me and adore me and all things you say WITHOUT getting emotional? Am I so small? Do you really believe you can resist my love? I’d like to see you try, little one.” Needless to say, what followed was very emotional, and actually very funny, God’s love overpowering.

In fact, it reminds me a little of this hilarity:

Now, whether or not that was appropriate, the benevolent lady certainly made a few people’s day. That’s our God! He is not limited to our feelings or even our preconceived notions about “where we find God” or “where we see Him.” he just stoops down and kisses us, whether we even bother looking up from our computer screens to recognize it.

That’s a thought: Right now you are being showered with grace. Right now! Stop reading this and go pray, go pray to a God unlimited, a God of radical and unpredictable love.

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