Contraception Uber Alles!

  • I received this message from a friend last night. I’d been following the issue, but had no idea that it was so immediate, and so I apologize for not tackling it sooner. For all practical purposes, Our Dear Government is telling Catholic health institutions that they must support contraceptive/sterilization use or cease to exist. Alternatively, they could serve and employ solely Catholics, which, from every angle you look at it, is an entirely whack compromise. (Sorry, cancer-patient at St. Jude’s. We’re moving you to a city hospital; you’re an atheist.) It is a serious step backwards for a society of religious tolerance and pluralism, and downright embarrassing for Americans to have to realize just how dumb our leaders are. I’ll post on it in detail eventually, but for now:
    Tonight I received a notification from one of my professors concerning a new mandate implementing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), which acts against the Catholic Church’s belief for the protection of all human life. These new guidelines, titled 76 Fed. Reg. 46621 (3 August 2011), mandate that “all individual and group health insurance plans, including self-insured plans, cover all FDA-approved contraception and sterilization procedures”

    PLEASE READ THE ATTACHED DOCUMENTS to learn how these guidelines violate the practice of our Catholic faith.

    These guidelines will supposedly take effect on August 1, 2012, unless there are enough letters (HAND-WRITTEN IS MOST EFFECTIVE) sent to Ms. Secretary Kathleen Sebelius at:

    Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary
    U.S. Department for Health and Human Services
    200 Independence Avenue, S.W.
    Washington, D.C. 20201

    I realize that this is short notice but the deadline for the “public comment period” is TOMORROW, SEPTEMBER 30th. Which means that if you want to express the Catholic Church’s opinion towards this new legislation, then you must WRITE AND MAIL YOUR LETTER TO SECRETARY SEBELIUS TOMORROW!!!

    I have included a statement from Bishop David A. Zubik of the Diocese of Pittsburg; a sample letter; and Bishop Zubuik’s letter, which all came from the Diocese of Pittsburgh’s website (


    All of this does nothing to counteract my growing belief that the federal government has lost any authority it ever had to oblige us to do anything at all.

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  • Anonymous

    Marc, how do you keep your sense of humor? I keep feeling an impending sense of doom. From the gay rights activists who are targeting Christian Groups as "hate groups" to this violation of conscience, to the rampant immorality. I am finding it hard to laugh these days. You column always makes me laugh, so thank you for that. I don't want my joy stolen from me by a government who hates God. How do you do it?

  • -fabi-

    Done! just put letter in the mail!"Rally the lionesses!"- Simba

  • Chris (Longmont, CO)

    Anonymous, I know what you mean about feeling bad lately. Anytime that I look at the news, or read about the problems in our society, I start to feel sick inside.One thing that I have had to remind myself of (sometimes several times a day) is that I am sure that the Apostles felt a little down and out for a few days (like Good Friday night and all day Holy Saturday). Through no actions of our own, but entirely through the grace of God did everything turn around.Another time to look at was more modern. Take a look at the Battle of Lepanto (sp?). That is another excellent situation where all of Christianity appeared to be staring into defeat. But the day was won by Him.In short, we need to put our faith in Him. We know how the end of the book will come out. We just need to remember that as we slug it out in the trenches every day, and try to stay happy.Hope that helps a little bit.

  • Brandon Vogt

    As the USCCB's Sr. Walsh pointed out in a recent op-ed, Jesus himself would be disqualified from HHS's exemption.He healed several people who were outside his religious circle.

  • Blipfillypicklepoo

    Thanks for the encouragement to get a letter in the mail to Secretary Sebelius. It is done! Your blog makes me laugh and teaches me some things too. Thanks.

  • Sophia’s Favorite

    Yeah, I'm sorta skeptical sending letters to Kathleen "I heart late-term abortions" Sebelius is gonna make much difference. She even has a name that sounds like an evil Dark Lord.On the other hand, the completely unconstitutional (seriously, read the thing) power of judicial review might work in our favor, on this one; if someone brings this law up to the Supreme Court, the four justices who might try aren't remotely acrobatic enough to uphold this nonsense.

  • Tom

    Letter is handwritten, sealed, and ready to mail first thing in the morning.p.s. I wrote it out while watching Brandon Vogt on the Journey Home tonight. He was great!

  • Sophia’s Favorite

    May I recommend praying to Our Lady of Guadalupe, patroness of the Americas and I do believe of the unborn. And permit me to recommend the associated title "Cihuapiltzin Coatlaxopeuh" (Aztec for "Lady Crushes-the-Snake's-Head").Speaking of Lepanto, Don John of Austria had a reproduction of the miraculous tilma-image on his flagship in that battle.PS. Apropos of nothing, does anyone else wish the Germans would switch their national anthem to Die Wacht am Rhein? It's just a prettier song (also, it wasn't ripped off from the Austrians like Deutschland über Alles was).

  • Judy

    Just a heads up, St. Jude's isn't actually a Catholic hospital:;=1However, that doesn't take away from how messed up this law is.