What Steve Jobs Isn’t Remembered For

“You know, there’s a porn store for Android. You can download porn, your kids can download porn. That’s a place we don’t want to go – so we’re not going to go there.” - Steve Freaking Jobs

I was at least 300x more likely to go out and buy a pair of thick-rimmed glasses, a Starbucks gift card and an iPad when I first read this. It’s a thing that Steve Jobs probably won’t go down in history for, but even so, I’d like thank the man for his stance against pornography. Christ, remember it and reward him.

The reality is that pornography doesn’t even pretend to be the great product of a brave, liberated world anymore. Porn is just easy cash. Mr. Jobs knew it, just as any one working in the field internet technology knows it: You want clicks, you need naked women. But Apple – despite the obvious financial benefits – has consistently not allowed pornography onto their App store, and is constantly under fire for pulling magazines that run pornographic spreads, and otherwise being the big, bad censoring power in a world that thinks freedom is slavery to vice.

In a “interview” with Ryan Tate of Gawker.com, which really was more of a email exchange, Steve Jobs said that Apple represented a movement towards “freedom from porn.” This was particularly awesome, because the man, despite being a something-like-a-Buddhist-capitalist, could see the slavery of sin and wasn’t afraid to call it out. And so Ryan Tate blustered:

“I don’t want ‘freedom from porn’. Porn is just fine! And I think my wife would agree.”

Lol – “think”. To which Steve Jobs replied, probably from some computer that allows him to download coffee into his iMug and type with his mind, “”You might care more about porn when you have kids . . .” Which, all things considered, was a very sensible answer.

Ryan Tates later claimed to be drunk. I wonder whether that was at all the result of a confrontation with his wife. But regardless, Steve Jobs, the end of the era, a giant in an age in which we don’t know our giants, saw something in the evil of pornography. He saw that it enslaves men, corrupts children, and he said no. To which I stand and applaud. And the other truth worth pointing out – which I am being more and more exposed to every day – is that virtue rewards. Yes, yes, it is it’s own reward, but it also rewards. If you’re chivalrous towards women, you may just get yourself a woman. If you’re courageous, you may very well win the battle. And if you – as a business – take a stance against porn, you’ll make up for your losses by the trust you gain from the people.

  • seekup25

    you are the man Marc!

  • Jack Viere

    Good gawd you always have a great spin on things! Love this perspective.


  • Anonymous

    Great article.

  • Tito Edwards

    Don’t get all gooey and gushy like a teenager girl at a Just Bieber concert, this is the same guy that banned/disallowed any pro-marriage apps as well (because they were against homosexual marriage).

    Just sayin’.

    • Marc

      true, true.

    • Troym2

      What is wrong with that? Anti-porn. Pro-all people are equal and should be allowed to have a loving individual that they can share their life with. You’re on the losing side of this argument!!

      • Marc Barnes

        I’m afraid I have to disagree with you, because Steve Jobs contradicts himself in those two positions. In reality both work to destroy the beauty of sex.
        While porn reduces sex to vicarious objectification, homosexual relationship reduces sex to constant foreplay – i.e, never truly becoming one flesh. Either way, sex is degraded.

        • Indiana James

          Great point, Mark. The problem is that many people don’t see the whole picture… and even those who see most of it fail to connect it to the sexual revolution and contraceptives. When sex becomes an end in itself, the person with whom you have sex becomes a means. Contraception makes the other person a means. Extramarital sex and abortion make the other person a means. Homosexuality makes the other person a means… there is no possibility of procreation in such a union. Marriage is an institution based in nature, not in our changing, fuzzy whims about anyone loving each other should be able to marry.

      • Anonymous

        And masturbation involving others’ digestive tracts fits into that…how?

        Newsflash, “homosexual sex” is a legal fiction we made up so we could charge people with rape for nonconsensual sodomy. It isn’t actually sex unless both the organs involved are genitalia.

        Since that’s not sex, it can’t be a marriage, because marriage is about sex.

        You’re on the “doesn’t know its ass from…” side of this argument!!!!1!!eleven

        • James H, London

          Sophias_Favourite, if I wasn’t already married, I’d propose!

          • Anonymous

            I’m a dude.


  • Anonymous

    Thanks for pointing out his strengths when you know half your readers are going to point out that HE WASN’T PERFECT!!!! A stand against porn is a stand against porn and I will stand with that person against porn. Sure, the next day we may be arguing about contraception, but that’s life.

  • Anonymous

    Steve, please forgive me for not getting a MacBook.

  • Liesl Baumann

    Nobody is perfect. But I do remember when he took this stance against porn, and it made me respect him a lot more. I eventually switched to Apple products after this – not because of this – but I think it did help the company out in the end. I pray that God has mercy on his soul too!

  • Alexandra

    You sure talk about porn a lot.

    • Marc


  • Georgie Swanson

    In the early days of Apple, Steve Jobs approached Adobe to see if they would be interested in providing their products on his platforms…they refused and saying he didn’t have enough of a market. Jobs remembered this and had always refused to allow Adobe into the Macintosh world. Adobe also facilitates a lot of porn, especially movies. So a little context.


    Moments before he died, Steve Jobs said something very intriguing. If you’re interested Peggy Noonan mentions it–which leads me to think he will be there when it’s our turn…We are allowed to pray for his soul, and I (for one) thinks he appreciates when we do.

  • http://swt.encyclomundi.org/ shackra sislock

    well, he needed to take a stance against proprietary software indeed…