Christopher Hitchens Is Dead…

…and the world is poorer for it. Don’t get me wrong, I disagreed with him like all hell, but he managed to be the only New Atheist I could stand to listen to. His mastery of the English language was inspiring, his hard-drinking, chain-smoking personality a welcome relief from the cold, awkward, humanistic personalities of Richard Dawkins and — Heaven help us — Daniel Dennett.

"The person who is certain, and who claims divine warrant for his certainty, belongs now to the infancy of our species."

With his bitter, fiery atheism — which never seemed to move beyond sheer dislike — Hitchens inspired me to first begin writing, to somehow challenge his presence. I suppose it’s odd that Hitchens is as much my mentor as Chesterton, but c’est la vie, right? His debate with Dinesh D’Souza is an all time favorite of mine:

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Anyways, I have some half-developed hope that Hitchens will find Heaven — after a good deal of purgation, of course. His blasphemies at least were bold, his defiance always definite. God meant what he said, that:

“I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm–neither hot nor cold–I will vomit you out of my mouth.”

It can be safely said that god-is-not-great Hitchens was not lukewarm, though he was ridiculously illogical. He, at least, will recognize God at the end of all things. He might recognize Him as the Enemy, but he’ll be better off than the lukewarm, relativistic and heart-stoppingly boring mass of Christians who, when they die, will have no idea who the King of the Universe and Almighty Judge is, having belittled him into a benevolent spirit of fluff. Hitchens will recognize the Man he spent a lifetime railing against — how could he not? — and I pray that in his infinite mercy, Christ will give Hitch the chance to lay his weapons down.

And of course, we Catholics will pray for his salvation. We’re awesome that way.

Leader: You who would be pleased to deliver the souls of our relatives and friends from the pains of hell, You who would be pleased to grant them all the pardon and remission of all their sins, You who would be pleased to fulfill all their desires, You who would be pleased to receive them into the company of the blessed,
Leader: Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.
All: Grant Unto them eternal rest.
Leader: Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.
All: Grant unto them eternal rest.
Leader: Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.
All: Grant unto them eternal rest.
Leader:  Merciful Father, hear our prayers and console us. As we renew our faith in your Son, whom you raised from the dead, strengthen our hope that our dear departed will share in Christ’s resurrection, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever.
All: AMEN.
Leader:  Eternal rest grant unto Christopher Hitchens o Lord.
All:  And let your perpetual light shine upon him
Leader:  May he rest in peace.
All:  Amen.
In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. AMEN.

Also, check out this.

  • Christine Niles

    I’ll certainly pray for his soul, but I can’t agree the world is poorer for his absence. As many other souls as he led along the path to hell through his anti-Catholic vitriol, I can say with a clear conscience and in all charity, good riddance. That’s not to say, though, that I don’t wish the Divine Mercy to extend to him on the other side; I fervently hope for it, in fact.

    • enness

      How do you know he didn’t send anyone running in the other direction? Who read something he wrote, or saw a debate, and concluded that they didn’t care to be the smartest person in the world if it meant having no God?

      I think the world is poorer in the sense that Donne had in mind…and I’ve also noticed that there are few if any people so obnoxious to the world that nobody loves them (even Hitler had a girlfriend, not that I am comparing Hitchens to Hitler, just making a point) and their grief certainly makes the world poorer.

      • Marc Barnes

        True, and I bear witness to the fact that he brought at least one soul closer to Heaven

      • Christine Niles

        Interesting remarks, but they don’t really address what I said. (I never said nobody loves Hitchens.)

        And your argument is akin to someone asking about an alcoholic stepfather, “How do YOU know his abusive behavior didn’t make his children stronger?”

        It’s called grace, which can work good even from evil–which is what would have been the case had a fellow listened to Hitchens’s anti-God rants and desired to choose to believe in God instead of to follow Hitchens’s lead.

  • Elizabeth Blanke

    Will be praying for his soul, as well. And I absolutely agree – no matter what you thought of his ideology, the man could turn a phrase.

  • Jen Pierce

    Chesterton was one of his favorite writers, so not so odd at all, at all.

  • Jay E.

    Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine….

  • Marina

    ….et lux perpetua luceat eis.

  • queen kimi


  • ByWayofBeautyDotCom

    If you’re interested, check out my article on Hitchens, which explores what both atheists and theists can learn from his love of Bach’s music:

    Rest in Peace Hitch!

  • Christian LeBlanc

    Not a good day.

  • Michelle Thuldanin

    And of course, we Catholics will pray for his salvation. We’re awesome that way.

  • Friar Chuck

    Worthy adversaries are always admired, and therefore, missed.

    Anima eius et animae omnium fidelium defunctorum per Dei misericordiam requiescant in pace.

  • Orenjd

    I’ve been looking around the catholic blogosphere and people keep saying to hope for Christopher Hitchens and oh, he’s going to be pleasantly surprised. Look, I hope people get saved somehow, but isn’t it pushing it a little to say that an avowed atheist just needs a little purgatory and he’ll go to heaven? I’m not saying we should go around damning him, but be a little realistic about it at least. It’s like there’s nothing you need to do anymore to get to heaven…just be an atheist all your life, and you’re good to go! It’s crazy. No wonder people don’t care about being religious anymore. If you can live your life like Christopher Hitchens and nobody has anything to say about it…well why the hell not?
    I’m Catholic and I can see this EVEN from the protestant point of view, at least the evangelicals hardliners. I mean, does being a Christian really mean nothing anymore? Fr. Barron is out there saying that it’s good to think EVERYONE will be saved and this. It’s just a wonder ANYONE is staying Catholic anymore.
    Jesus was not soft about this. I don’t understand where all this universalist crap is coming from. Usually, I really love your blog, but get some perspective. Even a lot of people who call Jesus Lord aren’t going to heaven, but somehow Christopher Hitchens makes it in? Give me a break.

    • ByWayofBeautyDotCom

      Did you consider looking in the Catechism and Pope Benedict XVI’s writings regarding this issue? You may be surprised…

      • Orenjd

        Surprised at what? Way to be vague.

        • Orenjd

          How about what this Pope has to say?

          ‘There are many who arrive at the faith, but few that are lead into the heavenly kingdom.’

          ~Pope St. Gregory the Great, Doctor and Father of the Church

          Pope Benedict: “Today we are used to thinking: What is sin? God is great, he understands us, so sin does not count, in the end God will be good toward all. It’s a nice hope. But there is justice, and there is real blame. Those who have destroyed man and the earth cannot sit immediately at the table of God, together with their victims.”

          • ByWayofBeautyDotCom

            “Do not let people be too secure in their judgements, like those who count the ears of corn in the field before the crop ripens, since I have seen, all winter long, the thorn display itself, sharp and forbidding, and then on its summit bear the rose; and before now I have seen a ship run straight and sure over the sea for her entire course, and sink in the end, entering the harbour mouth. Do not let Jack and Jill think, that if they see someone steal or another make offering they therefore see them as Divine Wisdom does, since the one may still rise, and the other fall.” – Dante’s Paradiso


            And most importantly, The Catechism 839 – 848

            Bottom line is – we don’t know. We don’t speak of being “saved” – but we can reasonably hope in our salvation and the salvation of others. That’s not “universalist crap” – it’s hope.)

            (By the way I just met Father Barron in New York and was amazed at how many enthusiastic people came out to see him. He’s doing quite a lot to draw people into the faith.)

          • Orenjd

            I’m not judging where he went. I’m simply questioning the wisdom of being so blase about how he lived his PUBLIC life.
            I think Fr. Barron is very smart and most of the time I think he is a great teacher. But teaching people that it’s plausible that everyone is saved…I just don’t agree with that or buy it. It is not the spirit of scripture, the saints, the doctors…I don’t see any evidence of it at all.

          • EdinburghEye

            You remind me of a very old joke, told of many sects, of which the punchline (as St Peter leads the newly dead soul past that high walled garden) is “Hush. They’re the X-sect, and they think they’re the only ones up here.”

            It’s always been clear, studying believers, that for many of them, their idea of Heaven is about who they can exclude from it.

          • Orenjd

            I don’t exclude anyone. I don’t know why people can’t read what other people say and respond to it, instead of building up straw men.

          • Christine Niles

            No one takes hell seriously anymore.

            Our Lady of Fatima: “Souls are falling into hell like snowflakes because there is none to pray and sacrifice for them.”

            On hell, please read the eye-opening sermon of St. Leonard of Port-Maurice.

            An anecdote:

            “Saint Vincent Ferrer relates that an archdeacon in Lyons gave up his charge and retreated into a desert place to do penance, and that he died the same day and hour as Saint Bernard. After his death, he appeared to his bishop and said to him, ‘Know, Monsignor, that at the very hour I passed away, thirty-three thousand people also died. Out of this number, Bernard and myself went up to heaven without delay, three went to purgatory, and all the others fell into Hell.’ ”

            5 saved out 33,000.

            Totally contradicts Fr. Barron’s (and Balthasar’s) thesis.

      • william good night

        pope benidict is actualy an anti-christ as he loves islam and freemasonry(check it out) pope jp2 kissed the koran a book which says jesus is not the christ and blasphemes the holy spirit. these anti-popes fulfil the prohesy of la-sal lete ROME WOULD LOOSE THE FAITH AND BECOME THE SEAT OF ANTI-CHRSIT

        • Marc Barnes

          well yeah man, but don’t just tell everyone…how are we going to do his evil commands if everyone knows he’s the antichrist?

    • Marc Barnes

      hey don’t look at me, I’m just quoting scripture.

      • Orenjd

        Yes, but where you are wrong is thinking that he’ll get to recognize Jesus at the judgment and then choose. We choose before we die, not after. If in fact that’s what you’re getting at when you say he, at least, will recognize him, and when you say, Christ will give him the chance to lay his weapons down…Christ gave him the chance for his whole life, he won’t get another chance after death.
        Giving people those kinds of ideas is wrong imo. You should be hot or cold on this issue Marc, not lukewarm. Either you live your life for Christ or you don’t. That’s not judging someone’s afterlife, that’s just stating a fact about his public life. We know for a fact that he did not live his life for Christ. That is a stark warning for people, or it should be. ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.’

    • Ercchrstpher

      Why would anyone be Catholic? If your going to ask it like that, why are you Catholic?

      • Orenjd

        If you’re asking that, you didn’t read what I said.

    • John Doman

      I think a lot of people just LIKED Hitchens and hope he’s in heaven now after a little purgatory, and that’s where this is coming from. I can understand this urge… but I feel it a little less because, honestly, I didn’t care for him that much. Yeah, the guy was courageous, an incredible writer, and gentlemanly like in person (at least according to those who knew him) but he also was a slanderer. All the time, he would just make up the most vicious lies about people and repeat them ad nauseum. Pope Benedict and Mother Theresa were the worst victims of his. I’m sure they forgave him, and I forgive him for calling me, as a Catholic, a fool and an idiot and sexually repressed and a bajillion other things…but that doesn’t mean I LIKE him. Moreover, although he was an incredible stylist, he really wasn’t a deep thinker. His “arguments” against religion were more or less a list of 1001 Bad Things Religious People Have Done. They were transparently emotional, and got tiresome very quickly.
      So I sympathize with your bafflement on so many people wishing Hitch into Heaven. But I understand their sentiment as well.
      May God have mercy on his soul. That’s a sentiment we can all agree on, I hope.

  • Stuart Sorensen

    It would be a pathetic (and remarkably unfair) excuse for a divinity that punishes a man for using his intellect to assess empirical evidence in a sincere and impassioned search for truth.

    The world is not poorer for Hitch’s loss because his great wisdom and clarity of thought remains in his writing.

    Bye Hitch.

  • Charles Culbreth

    My affection for Hitchens has always been based upon the resonance and ping of his prose, generally through his articles in the “Atlantic Monthly.” Brief surfacings such as the DeSouza debate and the awkward reprobation he endured at the equally compelling tongue of Fr. Rutler caught my attention as well. On this earth, certainly CH was a man among men.
    When the media splash about Stephen Hawking’s final diss of God hit the airwaves, I thought of Hitchens and his diagnosis being terminal.
    Here were some thoughts from back in Sept. ’10.

  • EdinburghEye

    I always figure religious people who piously talk of hoping atheists go to heaven are really wishing that they could finally get to win an argument with an atheist. Of course the disadvantage of being an atheist is that as of course there is no life after death, there will be no opportunity to point out to believers that they were fools who behaved cruelly to others in the hope of winning salvation for themselves.

    For some people, religion inspires them to be just, kind, merciful, generous people. I have a lot of time for those believers, even though I’m not one of them.

    People like you, Marc, whose religion inspires you to meanness and unkindness and injustice: well, you might be a nicer person as an atheist.

    • Alix

      “I always figure religious people who piously talk of hoping atheists go to heaven are really wishing that they could finally get to win an argument with an atheist.”

      Yes, you’ve got it EE. If I, against all odds, make it to Heaven (after a long, looong stretch in Purgatory, no doubt,) and partake of the Beatific Vision, behold the angels, see the glorious beauty of God’s plan fully revealed, finally know the answers to all the questions that have ever puzzled mankind, understand philosophy and music and art and all the inspired arts of mankind in the Light of the Creator, and not just with the ears of the created, am reunited with loved ones, finally love all people in the way God intended, not just in my poor selfish human way, and become closer to my darling, darling husband than I could ever have been on Earth, forgive and be forgiven perfectly… then the very first thing I am going to do is seek out some Atheist so I can say “I told you so.”

      If we meet up there, I’ll buy the first round, EE. Save a stool for me, it’s gonna be a while.

      • EdinburghEye

        I slept on this, and when I woke up I thought actually you have a point. I don’t believe, obviously, but taken from the viewpoint of someone who does believe in heaven as you describe it… yes, okay, point to you.

        My annoyance was inspired by the large number of believers who are so casually disrespecting and trampling on atheist principles, in a way they would strongly object to if (and when) atheists do it to them.

        Of course you won’t go to heaven when you die: there’s no such place, it’s only a comforting fantasy. But if when a famous Christian died atheists were posting all over the blogosphere that of course the notion that he’s in heaven is just plain silly, I don’t doubt that believers like Marc would be squealing that this is offensive nonsense. Yet he doesn’t see that his own desire to do down Hitchen’s belief is equally offensive nonsense.

        • Anonymous

          God, you can’t even attack religion without assuming religion: you are actually worse than Nietzsche thought you were.

          As far as you are concerned, Hitchens no longer exists: so he doesn’t care, does he?

          Please explain how you’re going to use ancestor-worship as a defense of atheism, your desperate flailing at an argument is top-notch entertainment.

          Also, atheists do that every time a prominent Christian dies, I don’t know what planet you’ve been on.

          • guesty

            And Hitchen’s himself said in one of his recent essays that he was disappointed he wasn’t going to be able to write the obit of his enemy “Joseph Ratzinger.”

          • EdinburghEye

            Yeah, that’s a real shame: Hitchens would have done a wonderful obit of the man who went from being a Nazi Youth member to the Pope, promoted homosexuality to the top sin list when he ran the Inquisition, and oh yes, shielded quite a few child abusers on his priestly career.

          • Christine Niles

            Edinburgh–I suggest you do some real research on the Pope before attempting to write unfavorably (and inaccurately) about him.

          • Aldespertarelclarin

            Yeah, I was going to say the same.
            It’s funny you know, some people accuse catholics of being brain-washed, yet they say things which only a brain-washed person could say, just like EdinburghEye

          • PC Geek

            None are more blind than those who will not see – does the line of a-historical, irrational, and totally ignorant a-tards ever stop?

            I don’t know what is worse – the fact that they make basic logic errors or that their command of the facts does not even rise to the level of wikipedia…

          • John Doman

            Ratzinger was FORCED into the Hitler Youth, dummy. Everyone was. And he fled to avoid the draft, risking his life. And he didn’t shield any child abusers. Do some research before you slander people. In other words, don’t be like Hitchens.

          • EdinburghEye

            “As far as you are concerned, Hitchens no longer exists: so he doesn’t care, does he?”

            But we can care on his behalf. When he was alive he would have cared. The only afterlife anyone can have is in their recorded works, and in the memories of others.

            “Also, atheists do that every time a prominent Christian dies,”

            Some atheists, perhaps. I don’t.

            Is that OK with you, then?

            Though your summary of Hitchens’ marvellous rant about that evil man Falwell is real meiosis.

            “Like many fanatical preachers, Falwell was especially disgusting in exuding an almost sexless personality while railing from dawn to dusk about the sex lives of others. His obsession with homosexuality was on a par with his lip-smacking evocations of hellfire. From his wobbly base of opportunist fund raising and degree-mill money-spinning in Lynchburg, Va., he set out to puddle his sausage-sized fingers into the intimate arrangements of people who had done no harm. Men of this type, if they cannot persuade enough foolish people to part with their savings, usually end up raving on the street and waving placards about the coming day of judgment. But Falwell, improving on the other Chaucerian frauds from Oral Roberts to Jim Bakker to Ted Haggard, not only had a TV show of his own but was also regularly invited onto mainstream ones. ” (Slate)

            That was an obit and a half, that was. Grand Hitchens!

          • Funruffian

            Hitchens was a pompous, egomaniacal pedant who loved to hear himself talk. I don’t think I ever saw this guy crack a smile. He emanated arrogance and contempt for everyone. He was a sad and miserable soul. The only travesty of his passing is the realization of seeing he had quite a segment of followers. What kind of a human has the gall to openly and overtly begrudge someone’s belief’s? One would think this guy was burned by every Christian on the planet. The guy was a paranoid bigot. He is no different in exploiting people’s weaknesses as your typical televangelist only operating on the other side of the spectrum. As such, he showed sheer hatred for a person he never knew and I should grant him the same empathy as he did to other notable Christians who have perished: Virtually nil.
            Hitchens casts blame and repudiation against people for the same reasons he is guilty of himself. The slime was a hypocrite and mass manipulator. It’s as if you are in a circle of friends and there happens to be this domineering and intimidating presence who everyone is uncomfortable in debating for the sake of being uncouth. The guy is now fertilizing the plants with his rotting corpse. A just end to an ignominious and heretical life of self-aggrandizing pride.
            Perhaps, I can never be a Good Christian, because I find it hard to sympathize a creep like Hitchens.

    • william good night

      hitchens was cruel unkind arrogant and wicked, to those he considered enemies be they good people or not. even if they did him no harm. its amusing athiests judge christians harsher than athiests who lets face it are seen by the majority of people on the planet as untrustworthy(a recent survey said they came as low than pedophiles on a scale of trust worthyness) as most people belive in some kind of god. we can understand this view point they think athiests are liars who hate god rather than dont belive in him.
      we all deserve hell because we are all sinners, the big diference is christians know we are sinners and deserve hell and thus need a saviour(the blood of the mab Jesus Christ). hitchens worshiped himself aka his own ego which was imense, this is very sad and pathetic, he was weak minded and mean of spirit. but thats ok with you because he was an athiest after all athiests have no moral positions so can not be judged by them. your a hypocrite all athiests are. your athiesm is just an excuse to get away with being imoral . this is why you come across as so angry with belivers because the thought of god means have to acknowledge your imorality and the shame makes you mad. we christians can be all the bad things you say we are after all we are only human. but thank god in his mercy who will accept our repentance(if it is real and we try to be beter and live our lives accordingly) for his son Jesus died for our sins for this very reason so we could be spared Hell. Mr Hitchens i bear him no ill will but he was an enemy of Jesus Christ. if he died in his sins He is in hell Poor soul.

      • EdinburghEye

        “hitchens was cruel unkind arrogant”

        Yes. So are many men. Are you prepared to say you’re not?

        “its amusing athiests judge christians harsher than athiests who lets face it are seen by the majority of people on the planet as untrustworthy”

        Isn’t it amusing how you stupidly claim first that atheists judge Christians harsher than atheists… and then follow that by an incoherent and angry stream of harsh judgments?

        There’s a line from a book you’ve obviously never read much, that you might want to consider: “Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? ”

        • williamgoodnight11

          I admit i am a sinner and not perfect read it again i say thats why i need jesus as my savior. the plank is out of my eye. hitchens according to him has no speck or plank. nothing. he was not a sinner and needed no repentance. jesus also says the righteous can judge. we are only righteous through jesus christ i with hitchens a fellow sinner and am no beter than he is I admit that. except i acknowledge my sinfulness and ask for the blood of jesus to cover my sins. those who call on the name of the lord will be saved. hitchens is probably in hell because he did not call on the name of jesus. Christians think we are no beter than anyone else we are very very bad sinners, but we through gods grace and the example of jesus christs life strive to be beter to love. i take no pleasure in saying Hitchens is in hell. where else would this christ hater(anti-christ) go. you do not have to agree with this, but the only athiest organisations who worked for good are ? 200 million murded by athiest governments last century stalin -mao pol pot. why doesnt anyone mention this. Atheism is a religion of belief in ONESELF . or the religion of MAN. 666 in the bible

    • John Doman

      I can’t speak for others, but I don’t desire hell for Hitchens; nor would I be a good Christian if I did. I do dislike the man, but that’s purely an emotional response to the many slanders and lies he heaped on Christians like me. (I’m just being honest about my feelings). However, there’s a big difference between disliking someone and wishing HELL on them. I wish fervently for Hitchens to get into Heaven, but my wish has nothing to do with telling him “I told you so.” It has more in common with the wish to see a drowning man rescued, or a sick man cured. I don’t take any credit for this feeling, it’s just common decency. I’d be ashamed of myself if I DIDN’T wish that Hitchens, and you, and me, and everyone get to Heaven. That’s where we belong.

    • Funruffian


      “Of course the disadvantage of being an atheist is that as of course there is no life after death, there will be no opportunity to point out to believers that they were fools who behaved cruelly to others in the hope of winning salvation for themselves.”
      And who espouses such a belief? Is this your opinion? What are you impugning? Christians believe that God is omniscient, meaning he sees everything. So how can a true Christian be cruel and unjust on the sly Without the Almighty watching? An Atheist isn’t anymore knowledgeable about a God as is a Theist. You cannot possibly know and neither can they.

  • william good night

    I am also a catholic I think hitchens was not an athiest , rather he did not understand god or the world,i fell he didnt belive there was no god , but that god was cruel in humane etc) an absentee landlord, Hitchens did not know Jesus christ who if he did would not hate god Jesus (god in human flesh) died on the cross for Hitchens as much as anyone else. we are all sinners. i think hitchens like many was just to arrogant to acknowledge his own sinfulness, god(who may have given him the grace of conversion at the end i hope he did we do not know)has redeemed the world through his son, anyone who does not call on the name of jesus as saviour will go to hell, its as simple as that. hitchens was arrogant and very very sinful. he had no gentleness, no love for anyone but himself, and i think this was his weakness, narcism. he was no shining light but a little man thrust into the spotlight for a short while, now he is dead. is he just food for the worms. his body rots in the ground but his soul is eternal and may now be facing the second death, is he in hell probably, purgatory perhaps(this is very wishful thinking) in hell he will be wishing he had not been so arrogant and hateful towards his saviour, and I think your prayers are wasted on him although prayers are never wasted god makes use of them in his own way.Hitchens was an enemy of christ(an anti-christ) yes god can do more with passion than lukewarmness , but those who die in their sins will face gods judgement, Gods judegment is terrifying and eternal, only jesus’s Blood can save us from it. was hitchens humble enough to call on the saviour who allowed himself to be brutaly murdered for hitchens sins. or was he spat on again by a brutal man who hated god and his loving son.

  • Ade

    I don’t understand what you disagree with. If it were opinion fine, but most of it was just pointing out the logical and rational flaws in religious doctrine. I guess if you’re motivated to believe in it, then having these flaws highlighted won’t be welcomed, but I still find it utterly bewildering anyone could truly listen and consider his points (and those of other rationalists), and dismiss them with a straight face.

    • Aldespertarelclarin

      Well, the way he understood some stuff.
      Like say, Pius XII, the condoms and other stuff like that.

      Mind you he was a socialist, and if have to speak about who has killed more people, socialism is on the top of the list.

  • Bob in Las Vegas

    Marc: Do you have a blog or list you can point me to of the “ridiculously illogical” things you found Mr. Hitchens had said which inspired you to get into blogging? I’m new at this process of understanding / comparing the atheist and Catholic worldviews. I’d appreciate a reasoned critique to carefully study. Mr. Hitchens seems so articulate and smooth that I often get caught up in how he says things and miss the substance of his comments (I watched the video debate at the link you provided – there is a lot to think about and absorb there…).

    Thanks and Merry Christmas!

    • Marc Barnes

      I’m afraid I don’t have any list of the sort…if you’d like to email me, I’d be glad to discuss it with you though!

      • Bob in Las Vegas

        Thanks Marc – I’ll send you a private note…

  • Mark William Westhoff

    I was at that debate with D’Souza (the student parish at the University of Colorado-Boulder that sponsored this and other debates is incredible, if you are ever in the area!). I was somewhat “new” to my faith and had never heard of Hitchens but I remember going away that night at the same time impressed and stupefied. How could a man that intelligent, that rational, cease his reason once the conversation came to God? It still boggles my mind. I join in your prayer for him and I agree with your thought process of how he might immediately recognize the One he had so long denied. Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord…