Depressed? Bitter? Wake Up Every Morning Hating The Universe?

Well here you are:

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No, Christianity’s Not Eurocentric (But You Kind Of Are)
Guest Post on Abortion
Bettering Your Boring Christian Playlist: Jenny & Tyler
The Difference Between a Martyr and a Victim
  • Jay E.

    Hurray!! We’re winning!!

  • Robert T.

    this is fairly pathetic.

    • K.

      How so? If you think so, okay, but give reason for your insult. Without, your insult stands fairly pathetic.

  • Actress2bjess

    Gave me chills from head to toe!

  • Anonymous

    Well, that made me feel a little better.

  • jake m.

    so motivating!

  • Laceagate

    Haha, I bet the feminists went nuts over the pro-life laws. It’s amazing to see that he abortion rate in AZ went down after the enacting of the laws. I’d be interested to know more about that.

  • BV

    I thought our number-one hope in 201-whenever is that Christ is Risen. Call me crazy. And by that I mean, call me Protestant.

  • Guest

    Christ… This makes me feel so much more depressed.

  • UKStudent

    This actually reduced me to tears of happiness. I LOVE the Catholic Church!

    Thank you for posting this!