Occupy Christmas

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The parishoners of St Raymond Church, repping Christ like no one’s business.

  • James

    Catholic occupation of the mall that’s sicknasty!!! How on God’s green earth did they get permission from the mall to do this I wonder?

  • Karie Mitchell

    While I appreciate the “Occupy Christmas” at the mall, could we do this with the proper reverence due to the Body of Christ? Where is the veil which should be used to hold the monstrance?

    • Soulofdiscretion

      I think its great with the caroling at the mall, but I worry about respect for the Eucharist as well in this situation.

      • Rdwallace56

        Jesus went to the people. He wasn’t shut up in the temple.

  • Riopeljm

    my 12 yr old pointed out immediately that the priest had no humeral veil. it seems a little nonchalant to me.

  • Jay E.

    LOL, talk about putting the “Christ back in Christmas”. :D