The Greatest App You Will Ever Purchase

The Total Consecration App!

That’s right folks, thanks to the fine work of my fellow Franciscan student and all around tech-stud, Matthew Sich, St. Louis de Montfort’s Total Consecration to Jesus Christ Through Mary is available for your super hip Apple products. It looks great too:

Buy it immediately! Consecrate yourselves! If you don’t have an iPhone, well this sounds like a great excuse to get one! Mary makes incredible promises to those consecrated to Christ in her name, she has changed my life and certainly wants to change yours.

Matt — by the way — is looking for more ideas for Catholic apps. If you have any, let us know!

  • Amanda

    android please!!!!!

    • Matt Sich

      …May actually be in the works in the near future since I’ve been getting quite a few requests for it ;)

      • joaquin

        well then, here goes another one: Android please!!!!!

      • Gracy

        Matt thank you for the app! I will treasure it forever@

      • Denver Gregg

        There is an Android app which I’ve got on my Kindle Fire, but it may not have all the features of this one.

        • Alexander Duran

          which is it. dont mention w/o a name.thanks

      • Briana

        I would really, really LOVE to have this app on my android!!!!

  • Alan

    I should get that. I’ve been considering the Total Consecration since you originally posted it. It probably won’t happen for a while though, since it’s not something I want to do lightly and I don’t have the time available to do it right.

    • Anonymous

      There is an intro period to the total consecration of 12 or more days. Start the intro period and ask Mary to let you know if and when you should make the official consecration.

      I did this for a long time (year maybe) before I realized that it wasn’t about me being perfect, but about being faithful to the calling. Also, I had a priest (not knowing this private prayer) suggest making the consecration in confession.

      • Karyn

        Wonderful app! Just what I was looking for. However, I have a question–wasn’t the Immaculate Heart of Mary celebrated on June 16? Your app lists it as August 22. I think that is the feast of Our Lady, Mother and Queen. At least that’s what my Roman Calendar app says. LOL. Thanks again

        • Cam1000

          That’s correct Karyn. It used to be on the 22nd (from 1922 to 1968). In 1969, Pope Paul VI moved it to Saturday, immediately after the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. That is the day before the third Sunday after Pentecost. So the app needs to to updated.

  • Claudia Marquez

    Consider it for the android. Not everyone has a iPhone.

    • Matt Sich

      unfortunately android makes it very difficult to use their SDK – it’s unorganized and very slow. I’ve started looking at it and will probably eventually make the android version of this but it probably won’t be in the immediate future since I already have roughly 7 side projects… not to mention school and work… but doing my best! Sorry to everyone who has an android!

  • Claudia Marquez

    Consider this for the android users.

  • Niru

    oh my goodness…if only this was on Android!

  • Jay E.

    THIS IS THE BEST THING ANYBODY HAS DONE WITH TECHNOLOGY!!! Or, almost anyway. If you get the chance, personally thank, hug, and pat on the back this fellow Matthew Sich for me. He is officially amazing.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks. Done.

  • Lilgrace_225

    OMG, OMG, OMG! I cant wait to tell my friends. Tell your friend Matthew Sich I say thank you!

  • EasilyAmused

    YOU”RE A BARON?!?!?!?! whhhaaaattt?!?!?!?! your awesomeness just increased by 10-fold!

  • Laura

    I love it when technology helps you be a better catholic!

  • Belle

    This is the only reason I would get a cell phone. Best app ever!

  • Bridget Adams

    What a gift! I am using the old fashioned paper back book… and highly recommend the Total Consecration.

  • Anonymous

    This alone would convince me to get an iPhone…Perhaps I will with the next change in plans.

    It looks like it just includes the prayers though. Does it also include the suggested spiritual readings and penances?

    Not sure if this is an app suggestion or what, but for a while I’ve wanted to do some kind of interactive timeline of the first 3-500 years of Christianity. With things like
    “100 AD – Ignatius loves the Eucharist”
    “200 AD – Clement emphasizes the visible church.”
    “400 AD – Bible Cannon made”

    Which link to the larger quotes and the ability to filter by topic. Since to become deep into history is to become Catholic, why not make it as easy as possible to see the layout.

    • Matt Sich

      I will talk this over with a history teacher I know here at Franciscan. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Claire

    A similar app that you can also choose a Novena by Saint or Cause would be AWESOME!!! It could keep up with your day for you like this one does… possibly remind you at a certain time of day to pray your Novena for the day? I would love it and I CERTAINLY know countless others that would too!!!

    • Matt Sich

      I’ll look into it =) Thank you very much!

  • Quid est Veritas?

    How about a Missal with readings for everyday and Sundays? Or even just an iBook Missal? It would be great for traveling.

  • Jerricka Hill

    Excellent. Purchased!

  • liz

    awesome!! too bad this wasn’t around a few months ago when i made the consecration!

  • Kevin

    i or e- (whatever) novenas, that keep track of what day you’re on. If you don’t start them on the same day, it gets confusing. St. Gerard, St. Joseph, St. Jude, would be good ones to start.

  • Camille

    I used this Web Site to do mine for free. :)

  • Georg Hendrik Laing

    A Divine Mercy app would be great too!

    • John

      There is a Divine Mercy app for iPhone designed by the Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception in Stockbridge. I’ve been using it the past few days and it is a great app.

      • debbie valley

        And it is FREE!

  • Daria

    Tell him to develop a multi-novena app with novenas to, oh, the 100 or so most popular saints, plus maybe a few dozen more to some interesting Servants of God/Venerables, so that we can maybe help them get those miracles to move their causes forward.

    • Esperanza

      Is there a saint of the day app? Saints for different causes app?

  • Pearce_00

    daily missal with the prayers and readings of the Mass would be good- traditional… I Pieta doesn’t have the daily Mass prayers…

  • Mrsgarageflower

    for the android please!

  • Not (Yet?) Catholic

    Sorry, but what is Total Consecration? I’m not Catholic but trying to learn

    • Libby Marie Barnes

      Following Jesus’ example of totally giving Himself to Mary and depending on her in the womb! When we consecrate ourselves to her we give our lives, prayers, good works, material goods, etc. to Jesus THROUGH Mary – yay! It’s been around since the very early Church (St. John the Beloved was the first to be given totally to Mary (by Jesus at the Cross)) but two saints have formalized the preparation and actual consecration. St. Maximilian Kolbe gives us a nine-day preparation and St. Louis de Montfort (the app uses this one) gives us a 33-day preparation.

      But watch out. It’ll change your life. :)

      • Not (Yet?) Catholic

        Thank you!

  • SoulOfDiscretion

    Novena apppsss

  • Natalie Ramirez

    Methinks this would be awesome. Problem is that I have no apple device. Or money to buy one, or even if I had one, this app. Guess I have to do it the old-fashioned way and scrape up enough money for the book.

    But seriously, awesome idea. ^_^ Love the grads in multimedia here, just have biiiiig shoes to try to fill!

  • Phamjuliek

    Awesome super excited to use the app! You can consider a keeping track of confession app with examination of conscience questions, the Ignatian daily examen as well. Also if you can pocket size the Ignatian spiritual exercises that would be excellent.

  • debbie valley

    Just downloaded it. Thanks.
    How about a searchable Catechism?

    • Esperanza

      A Catechism app would be AWESOME!

  • mallys

    I second CCC! Searchable by paragraph # (the Kindle edition is not). A great boon for those of us who have a hard time carrying around bags of Bibles, Catechism etc to classes and conferences…
    BTW, iBreviary Pro Terra Sancta now has the Missal as well as the LOTH for each day. Free and downloadable for a week at a time.

    • Matt Sich

      I’ll look into it =)

  • Benedict James Wee

    Android app please. Android phones exist in the same idea as the Catholic Church (different phones/tablets, same OS) so Catholic apps should be developed for the Android Market before developing for the elitist Apple cult. :D

    • Matt Sich

      I hope you mean that as a joke… haha

  • Sherry

    App-pologetics on demand? How about that?

  • anon
  • Suzanna

    Finally!!! Awesome job!

    Have Matt help out the CCLI Sympto-Thermal and Creighton Model NFP Apps!!! I know CCLI is looking for Millenial-generation help. :) [Please make them like GroceryIQ so that a husband and wife can BOTH enter from their own phones on the same chart... and maybe an alarm at the end of the day asking for a record if signs haven't been recorded yet?]

  • J1


  • F Nazar

    How about a CBT (computer based training) or expert decision making tree app that leads you to “discover” abortion is immoral.
    I could help with the argument tree!
    check this out:
    It could save thousands of lives!
    write to me!
    f.nazar at gmail .com

  • Rebecca Stich

    Can you just make an app of GOOD Catholic icons and images for wallpapers? Pretty, pretty please!

  • smeej

    This idea is based on St. Ignatius of Loyola’s daily examen. Call it “3-5.”

    1: Write down “3-5″ ways God has already blessed you today. Respond with thanks for His grace.
    2: Write down “3-5″ ways God has invited you to respond to someone or something with love, but you haven’t responded that way. Ask and receive His forgiveness.
    3: Looking forward to the rest of the day or the next day, write down “3-5″ things that you’re expecting to happen where you know you’ll need His grace to respond with love. Ask for that grace.

    A dear Jesuit priest friend of mine, Fr. Tony Corcoran, has been teaching people the 3-5 for years. It’s a great way to train ourselves to see situations where God blesses us and invites us to respond in love and to practice doing it!

    Having those reflections recorded with date and time, maybe even with picture options for those inclined, would be a great blessing in terms of being able to look back and reflect on the growth!


  • Karen

    Would like to see a Novena / Prayer app that users could start a novena with intentions and other users could show they are joining in the novena, could also list their prayer intentions and each day of the novena the users could check they prayed that day.

  • B Corbalis

    Android please!

  • Maura Harrigan Marcotte

    This is fantastic! For those who’d prefer a different version, I can’t recommend enough Fr. Gaitley’s book “33 Days to Morning Glory” which is his restatement of deMontfort’s method. I used this and it was life-changing.