Why I Hate the Internet

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  • http://twitter.com/nugzthepirate Kendra Schroeder

    It took me awhile to figure out what the issue was…..I see it now. Mwahaha.

  • Cee


  • http://arleenspenceley.blogspot.com/ Arleen Spenceley

    LOL. Both hilarious and creepy.

  • Ball of String

    LOL…how ironic…

  • AttentionDeficitCatholic

    HAHAHA took me a little bit, but it caused much laughter once I found it!

  • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/yimcatholic/ Frank Weathers

    You gotta love the algorithm these ads have. Here’s another example, but it’s why I love the internet,


  • AverageJoeCatholic

    I get it now. Irony abounds

  • MaximusConfessor

    I don’t get it.

  • Silvia

    Serves you right ;-)

  • http://twitter.com/CaffdCatholicMa Karianna

    that’s quite the example of creative advertising.

  • Shawn

    You’re right, the front end of that Acura is hideous. . .

    Oh, you meant the other thing.

  • Paul H

    Here is an easy solution to this problem:


    • Alyssan

      While adblock has good intentions for the average browser, a majority of artists who produce work on the internet get paid based on the amount of advertising that occurs. I don’t know if the ones on webpages HAVE to be clicked on for revenue to happen, but when you block them in videos revenue is lost. Therefore the artist doesn’t get paid for their job, which they most likely put a lot of effort into.

      In short, convenience is nice but let writers/comedians/artists who make their money online make their money online. I can handle thirty seconds or an annoying sidebar to ensure that these jobs continue to flourish in this terrible economy.

      Just a little food for thought. Marc, this post was hilarious and I really love your work!

  • Alexander

    At least it means that they’re spending money on advertisement that won’t be effective considering what’s written next to it.

  • http://donortools.com Ryan Heneise

    You know… those ads are served based on *your* browsing history, not just the content of the page. You can tell a lot about someone by the content of the ads on the pages they visit. ;)

    • Anonymous

      Namely, that he researches his blog posts?

      And if the ads are based on browsing history, why does the computer I (mid-20s guy) share with my 14-year-old brother keep bringing up ads for “cougar” dating sites? And not to meet “cougars”, either: for them to meet younger guys.

      Unless my brother is pulling the creepiest version of “Guy In Real Life” ever conceived of.

  • David Bates


  • Gracy

    lol. oh the irony!

  • Sandy

    I love Adblock.

    Wikipedia is why I hate the internet.

  • Anonymous

    And soon you’ll have ads for IUDs, the pill and Obama on your page. No worries, I won’t judge.

  • http://livinginmexico-jacob.blogspot.com/ Jacob Wall

    “All publicity is good publicity.” So even telling the world you hate Twilight is good fro Twilight – and that just becomes that much more concrete when the simple inclusion of the Twilight in your post means a Twilight add shows up in your blog.

    I was once having an ongoing discussion with an (Orthodox) friend of mine on Facebook about Calvinism and related items; soon, he started getting adds for John Calvin t-shirts show up on his page every time he communicated with me. I didn’t even know John Calvin t-shirts existed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Inara-Howard/1229293869 Inara Howard

    LOL, for a minute I thought the silver car ad was the vampire-vaporizing one from the Superbowl too…but that was Audi.