Get Thee (Or Your Friend) To a Nunnery

I’ll keep it brief: Religious sisters are the greatest gift to mankind since beer.

I myself felt called to be a nun before God directed me to a more lowly vocation. The Sisters of Life (I mention them in particular because I wrote their Wikipedia page) enflesh beauty. They radiate grace, joy, and peace from their very being. The world needs this kind of fiery charity and incredible feminism. The point of all this is simply to say: Let’s facilitate even more vocations to the female religious life. How?

Imagine Sisters, a new online organization founded to be the nexus for media and information about discerning a vocation as a Catholic Religious Sister, will launch its first viral vocation initiative, The One Rose Project, on October 1, 2012.

The One Rose Project invites Catholics around the globe to reach out to young women they know, personally inviting them to consider that God may be calling them to be a Religious Sister.

YouTube Preview Image

The campaign promotes a personal encounter on October 1, 2012–the feast of St. Therese of Liseux. Participants will invite the young woman they know to consider a call to consecrated Religious Life by giving her a single rose in the spiritual legacy of St. Therese.

Imagine Sisters has received substantial testimony that a personal invitation is incredibly powerful for young women who are open to a religious vocation. Imagine Sisters asks for prayers that this invitation will be used by God to plant the seeds of religious vocations among young women, blessing the Church with many new religious sisters.

The One Rose Project can be easily shared through social media networks, personal blogs and speaking engagements. Imagine Sisters has created a short video explaining the project, and encourages supporters to share this video as the primary means of transmitting the message virally.

In the spirit of The New Evangelization, Imagine Sisters embraces social and visual media to passionately propose the possibility of becoming a religious sister in the world today. Through the grace of God, the Imagine Sister website and Facebook interact with over 100,000 individuals each week, effectively working through the new media to reach young women around the world.

Do it. (And as a side note, the Imagine Sisters website is a gorgeous piece of design, and if your super-hip Catholic website isn’t as similarly disposed, it should be.)

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  • Nate Winchester

    Wait, YOU felt called to be a nun? Wouldn’t you, Marc, have… uh… been disqualified since birth?

    • Timm Chauvin

      Its called comedic writing. He’s a genius.

      • Nate Winchester

        Yes he is. I didn’t know if this was a guest post he forgot to credit or there was some Catholic doctrine I didn’t know about.

        • Fisherman

          If God had decided to make me a guy, I totally would’ve become a priest. And grown a beard. And worn a kilt. I would be Father McBeardman.

          • unaveragecatholic

            As a kid, that’s the only reason I ever wanted to be a boy. My brothers would ask me if I was jealous that they could run faster and be stronger, and I was like, “Nope. I’m just jealous you have the chance to possibly institute the Eucharist and I don’t. Nbd.”

  • Jay E.

    “Religious sisters are the greatest gift to mankind since beer.” And therefore since monks, since the monks pretty much invented beer. :)

    • Sophias_Favorite

      If you’re using a very restricted sense of the word “beer”, maybe, but we’ve been fermenting grains for at least 6000 years.

      Actually most medieval brewing was done by laywomen, at least in France and England.

  • Abbie

    Go imagine sisters! Hey, can everyone who sees this comment pray for me and any other girl who’s discerning the religious life? Even if it’s just one time it would be so amazingly awesome of you :)

    • josephmendes


    • Susi O Fanabba

      Praying for you, Abbie! :) I’m in the same boat!

      • Abbie

        thanks! i’ll do the same for you susi :)

    • AnnaCate

      I’m praying for you now Abbie and I’ll continue those prayers for you!

  • handmaidjmj

    Bishop Sheen said that people who answer God’s call to religious life, (nuns, monks) are like the lungs, liver and heart of the Body of Christ, the Church. They breathe (pray for) the graces that are to be passed on to members of the Church; they pray away (filter the poisons) which come against the Body of Christ, and they pray and atone for the (in true love) sins which the members of the Body engage in every day, as they live out the vows of poverty, charity and obedience. Which of us common folk want to be poor, be accommodating to everyone all the time, or be obedient to anyone anymore?! What would we do without these wonderful men and women?!

  • Catherine

    I really want to be a Carmelite nun!

    I don’t think I’ll participate in the rose-giving, though, because so many girls already do pray to St. Therese for a rose as a sign of their vocation, and I don’t want to manipulate that. God takes care of these sorts of signs, I can attest!

    But I do agree that to give an invitation is such a good thing. People need to talk about vocations more!

    • Susi O Fanabba

      Praying for you, Catherine! I also really feel the call! :)

      • Alleyoop

        Catherine, Susi and Abbie praying for each of you…and I see in the comment below that Therese is considering sisterhood, too. You are all in my prayers/

  • Therese

    This is so AWESOME!!!
    I’m considering being a Nun AND Therese was my Confirmation name!!!
    I love the idea of this simple way to bring the idea to young women! absolutely incredible!!!

  • Benjamin McCormack

    Time to buy a dozen roses.

  • Auden Chavez

    Nunnery is the same as Convent? I was told Nunnery had a very different meaning and you never called a Convent a Nunnery!

    • GoodCatholicGirl

      In Shakespeare’s day, it meant a convent OR a brothel so let’s just call it a convent to avoid any double entendres! I think much too highly of nuns (and future nuns) to leave them open to any kind of disparaging jokes.

      • Jacob Wall

        It’s also worth noting that there’s some difference between a convent and a monastery; both can house nuns, but I’m not sure what the difference is exactly. There is a monastery of Carmelite nuns near my home (it is not a convent). Maybe someone else can clarify.

  • Jacob Wall

    At one point my wife had considered becoming a nun. But instead, she became involved in a super-liberal, “women should be anything but wives, mothers or nuns” group of university arts students. Then I ruined all of that when we met, got married and had kids (all within a 2-year time frame). I’m REALLY glad we are married. However, I’d love to think that I could play a role in some young woman’s decision to become a nun. The problem is I don’t know any young Catholic women, let alone any who are devout and leaning this way. I’m glad to see the comments here from some women who are considering; I noticed comments from Abbie, Catherine, Susie and Therese; at least I can pray for you!

  • Melissa

    Don’t really appreciate other vocations being referred to as “lowly” though. Even sarcastically. But great article!

  • musiciangirl591

    during my junior year of high school, so 2-3 years ago, i was considering becoming a nun, i prayed a little, sat down and thought about it for a while (while being a long time), and i decided that it was not my vocation, i pray that young women feel the call to become a sister and act on it :)

  • Maggie

    This is awesome! I love that the project is through St. Therese’s feast day. The whole vocations initiative kind of reminds me of the Fishers of Men video for vocations to the priesthood. The movement could be very powerful. Go Imagine Sisters!

  • Laura M

    very cool site and probably helpful in my current stage in life

  • Brigid Daly

    Wow, after this post I thought you were a woman. Good job confusing me.

  • Ceckiz Gzz

    Let’s pray to have serious and authentic religious vocations, not like the “new age” sisters that support abortion.

  • Leonie

    Please pray for women who have tried the convent and returned to the world. Also, if you fit into that category, please check out Leonie’s Longing, which is a ministry for women who have left the convent. God Bless!