The BadCatholic Drinking Game

I got this from a reader today. It’s awesome. I cannot be held responsible for any deaths that result.

The BadCatholic Drinking Game

Take a drink:

- When a post can be summed up using a Chesterton quote
- When you can identify the author he’s been reading
- When someone comments thinking Marc’s arguing the exact opposite point
- When someone comments expressing disappointment over crude language in the post
- When a comment thread is longer than 20 comments
-  Make a White Russian when a post is later commented on by the Friendly Atheist. Two if he quotes a paragraph out of context.
- Shot for everyone who comments that the Catholic Church hates women/gays/Jews/little boys/fun. Extra shot if you’re confident they only read the title of the post. Another if you’re confident they’ve only read the title of the blog. (“Bad Catholic? I hate Catholics! Uhhh sex abuse! Sith Lords!”)
- Double drink for double parenthesis (triple drink for triple parenthesis! (yahoo!))
- Bourbon sip every time he confuses “its” and “it’s” or “your” and “you’re”
- Every time he makes a snide comment demeaning the value of the Huffington Post and/or Planned Parenthood and/or Catholics for Choice
- Small, dignified sips of wine every time you catch passive voice being used by Marc lololol
- Chug a beer every time you get the sneaking suspicion that a blog post is a method of dealing with existential angst/Catholic guilt/complex justification of past sins
- THREE shots every time a homeschool mom asks Marc if he’s single and/or hints at the priesthood
- Shot of a drink that reminds you of college every time someone makes a remark about his age. Smirnoff Ice, anyone?
- And a final shot if you had no clue what he was talking about but commented anyway.

Happy drinking.

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