The Inappropriate Comment of the Day!

Today’s inappropriate comment is brought to you by my mother (who’s not a Catholic.)

The great circumcision debate has been raging in our house since Liam made his appearance, leaving me with plenty of opportunities to practice the virtue of meekness and obedience. Most of those opportunities have been wasted, but more about that another day. We did finally go see a specialist for a circumcision consultation only to find out that Liam has a slight buried penis, which is a somewhat-rare medical condition that can be present from birth. His is not a big deal, but the doctor did say that the surgery will be a bit different and more extensive to make sure only the foreskin is removed and not the skin of the shaft, and he’ll have to be completely anesthetized for it. So if we had let his usual pediatrician do it at his 2-week checkup, when she failed to recognize the condition and proclaimed him an excellent candidate for circumcision, it’s very likely that a great deal of the skin on his shaft would have been removed accidentally. You can imagine my horror when I realized the damage that could have been done to our son had I not insisted on taking him to a specialist, so of course I felt the need to share that horror with my mother. Here’s how the conversation went:

Me: “Can you imagine if the pediatrician had done it or if we had him in a hospital and some random doctor had done it? They would have taken off all the skin of his penis! He would have been mutilated! He would have been a eunuch!”

My Mom: “Well, then he could have been a priest.”

Hahahaha. Thanks, Mom.

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