7 Quick Takes Friday!


Thank you all so much for your comments on my post from earlier this week. I honestly appreciated every single one (honestly! Every one!*) And I got several emails and facebook messages that I haven’t had a chance to respond to, but I appreciated those too. I really was so hesitant to write about this because I didn’t think I could handle the “you’re causing scandal, you’re not a good Catholic, you’re only struggling because you’re an awful person” comments, and to the blogosphere’s great credit, I didn’t get any of those. Which makes me think that I probably have the most awesome readers on the internet. So thank you guys. And, since I know some of you were truly worried about my mental state, rest assured that I have been talking with my doctor and have resumed taking a low dose of medication that has helped me tremendously in the past. So, you know, I’m not just crossing my fingers and praying that God will turn me into a well-adjusted person for Christmas.


“I’m crying because it’s hard for me to eat! Fix me, Mommy!”

Also, at yesterday’s 2-month check-up, we found out that Angry Lincoln is tongue-tied. It’s not a severe tongue tie, so his growth is on track, but it is probably the root cause of all the gas/crying/screaming/misery. Unfortunately, it’s far enough back on his tongue to be too near the blood vessels for a quick in-office snip, so we’re going in on Thursday for an outpatient frenulectomy. I am SO relieved, even though I’m dreading the stupid “no eating or drinking after midnight” rule of death. I’m also hoping desperately that after the frenulectomy I can resume eating dairy and that his improvement since I stopped was just a fluke. It could happen. Right?


Guess what. I took the kids outside today in my pajamas since I haven’t done laundry in a week or three to play on the sidewalk while Lincoln was napping. I thought to myself, hey, self, it’s noon on Friday. There’s no one around to see that you look like a hobo, slept in your braid, and still have mascara smudged around your eyes since you fell asleep before taking it off. You’re safe to take the kids outside for the first time in two months. Go ahead. It’ll be good for you.

Anyone wanna guess what happened next? I bet you a million dollars you’d never guess it, unless you’re one of  my facebook friends who saw the hysterical status update I posted.


I got interviewed for the local news for an interview about whether or not we’d like a hospital built out here. On camera. In my pajamas, smudged makeup, and post-being-chased-by-knife-weilding-psycho-in-a-low-budge-horror-movie hairstyle.

Am I on Candid Camera? What the hell, universe?


The Ogre laughed hysterically when I called him at work to tell him, and then said, “why didn’t you just say no?”

A valid question, and one that I’m still asking myself right this very minute.


At least I was wearing a bra.


Oh, speaking of facebook friends, I feel the need to post a PSA here. I get lots of friend requests from people I don’t know, and since most of them seem like normal, well-adjusted people, I’m assuming they know me through reading my blog. My facebook policy is to not to accept friend requests unless I have had a face-to-face or email conversation with the person, so please don’t be offended if I say no. I signed up for subscribers, so I think if I deny a request that person is automatically subscribing to the posts I mark for everyone. I think. I dunno, I’m not really technically savvy, but I wanted to have a way to let people be sort of friends with me on facebook without creating a whole separate blog page, because then I would feel pretentious. So that was my answer. End PSA. Happy weekend, everyone! Go see Jen for more quick takes!

*Okay, I really didn’t appreciate the commenter who was like (and I’m paraphrasing here): “I’ve never read your blog before, but I’m going to diagnose you as having depression related to your addiction issues, which you only briefly mentioned but which I am positive you have not dealt with. I also think your husband is a jackass, and it’s obvious that you think so too, since you call him the Ogre. Please be advised that humor and/or sarcasm are languages I do not speak. I did, however, ace my freshman psych class. You’re welcome for my opinion.” However, I did think that Josh’s response to said commenter was. totally. awesome.

  • http://www.learningmotherhood.com Bonnie

    My little guy had a tongue tie too that we had clipped at 9 weeks. He’s the happiest baby ever now! Just wanted to give you some encouragement in case you’ve got any Mommy guilt going on.

  • http://brilliantvapor.blogspot.com Marina Lehman

    Okay, so of course I had to go back and read the comments to your post the other day to find the offending comment and the brilliant reply. I did find them, and found the exchange highly gratifying, but as I read through the rest of the comments I was amazed by the number of people who thought that you could solve your problems by violating your conscience. It made me want to reassure you that not all of your Protestant readers are sitting here shaking our heads, wondering why you don’t just get with the program and use birth control. I’m sure that I’m not the only one who, while not sharing this particular belief of the Church, nonetheless wishes to support you in living out your faith. I admire your honesty, as well as your determination to do what is right. I’ll be praying for you.

  • Patricia Yandell

    Loved #2 and #3 as well. As long as you keep your sense of humour you’ll be fine. I just love your blog it is so real!!

  • Karen

    My first three boys were all tongue tied to varying degrees. #2 had it so bad he couldn’t even drink from a bottle without falling asleep from exhaustion after getting 1/2 an ounce…most of which dribbled out his mouth! He had it fixed on an outpatient appointment and did great. #3 had it fixed right after birth and did fine. It is hard to see them go through it but SO worth it. Hope it helps your wee one!

  • Pnkn Moonshine

    I am about double your age, and living in PJs in the winter (and shorts and a Tshirt in the summer) is now “the new normal” (Fireproof version not the sitcom version) as I live in a small cabin in the woods.
    Just sayin’ – you’re ahead of your coordinates in time.
    SO GLAD to hear that there is a medical reason that has been preventing Lincoln from enjoying life post swimming in the warm bath that is momma to the fullest. I am afraid to imagine how much he will enjoy being born and having the Tardis quilt after the surgery !
    Speaking of Dr. Who, Miranda Pound was featured on NCIS the other night as Miranda Pennybaker.
    In conlusion, I am wondering if you ever watch SURVIVOR ?
    I’d still hold off on getting a puppy.

  • Melody

    Calah, I love your blog. I don’t have any advice; just saying that I prayed for you at Mass this morning, and I’ll keep praying for you.
    This part isn’t addressed to Callah, it is more of a comment on some of the comments. I was a little disturbed by the some of the ones which said that things should get easier once the older kids were old enough to assume some of the care for the younger ones. This is all well and good, up to a point; family members need to help each other. However, I have seen families in which a lot of the parenting was basically outsourced to the older kids and they were expected to function as mini-adults. Which is not fair to either the older or the younger children. When things get to this point, couples are reaching the point of having more children than they can take care of, and they need to stop. Which brings us to Dirty Little Secret#1: if one can’t square other methods with one’s conscience, complete abstinence is very effective and not forbidden by the church. Of course that takes us to Dirty Little Secret#2: it’s difficult to practice. And the third wire, that no one seems to want to touch, is that it is most and mainly difficult for the man. To which I say, too bad. I don’t want to sound harsh, but unsatisfied libido is no where near as painful and traumatic, as for instance, repeated c-sections, difficult labor, pre-eclampsia, hyperemesis, post-partum depression, to name a few. God bless my husband, who was willing to practice abstinence during much of peri-menopause when fertility symptoms were impossible to read.

    • Cordelia

      Don’t know if mine was exactly the comment you were responding to – but, yeah, I expected somebody to become anxious at the idea of older children assisting the younger ones on a regular basis. I haven’t met any of those families you describe, but I absolutely do not doubt they’re out there. And it’s ugly. But I *have* met more than a few that work the other way – parents wearing themselves out to give their kids a life of ease, kids fighting with each other and endlessly complaining. And it’s ugly, too. Oh, for middle ground! I did consider in my original comment throwing in some kind of disclaimer like: “BUT OF COURSE YOU CAN ERR ON THE OTHER SIDE, TOO, YOU KNOW, AND TURN YOUR KIDS INTO SLAVE LABOR AND FREE NANNIES.” But I took the chance that anybody reading Calah’s blog was sensible enough to recognize that extreme on their own. (While I’m at it, I am also going to offer here the other disclaimer I thought of mentioning but didn’t – I grew up the oldest of six children in a homeschooling NFP household. So I’ve seen it from the kid’s perspective, too! Teaching your children to love and help each other is one of the best foundations you can give them in life.)

      Finally – I doubt this is an appropriate place, but it would be interesting somewhere to have a kind of roundtable discussion about what *is* appropriate help to expect of children. Anybody want to start the conversation on their blog?

  • Heidi

    Hi – just a quick comment because my kids just had frenulectomies, and sometime just before the surgery, one of the nurses? doctors? someone who should know? blithely informed me that breastmilk didn’t count as “food or drink.” (But by then it was too late to nurse the poor kid…) SO. There might well be different guidelines for breastmilk – would be worth asking about explicitly!