Of All Things Visible and Invisible

I’m over at The Wine-Dark Sea today, musing about the line “of all things visible and invisible” in the Creed. It’s part of Melanie’s brilliant blogging through the Creed series for the Year of Faith. Click over there if you can, and read the rest of the posts she has up in this series while you’re there.

  • http://philosophermoms.blogspot.com Erika

    I loved your post, Callah. Many, many prayers for you during the PPD… I’m dreading its return when we welcome our next baby. It is a deep darkness. Thanks for your words–there is comfort in company.

  • Erica

    PPD is so hard to get through, I know it seems like it will never end and, for me anyway, that everyone around you is only there to make it a little worse. Progesterone shots really helped stabalize me, you probably have already tried them but if not maybe you can ask your doctor. My husband was to give them to me. We called them my happy shots. As miserable as you are I hope you know that for me, just knowing that someone else suffered from this too and was willing to talk about it helped tremendously. It’s a lonely place to be. My family and I will keep yours in our prayers.

    • Erica

      My husband was *trained* to give them to me.
      I guess today I can’t proofread and my grammar is circling the drain. I’m taking the option to blame it on the 2 year old.

  • Jackie

    Great post – PPD is tough – I had it with the last three of my children. (They are all grown and married now!) Back then, it was sorta recognized, but not much was done for it. I muddled through with the support of my wonderful husband. I had the same emotions and doubt about my faith, and I could have really used your post back then! I do remember one moment when I started to feel more connected – I was snuggling with my baby son one morning and suddenly thought “Mary must have felt this way when she cuddled baby Jesus”. It was then I realized I still believed.
    It will get better!

  • Cordelia

    I suffer depression in the first half of the pregnancy, though not afterwards, even though all six of mine have been precisely “planned” (yeah, I’m one of those tiresome girls for whom nfp is easy). Laying on the floor sobbing my eyes out, wishing it were okay to get an abortion…hating all the kids I already have…rushing to the toilet to vomit again. So weird. Why does this happen to us?

  • Jessica

    what a beautiful post. I am so sorry you are suffering from ppd. thank you for sharing your struggle and your faith. your words brought tears to my eyes. praying for you!