Dear Sienna: Honesty is Not Your Best Policy

Sienna: “Jack’s mom lets him ride all around the Piazza and to Emerson by himself if he wants even though he lives in  Hampton, because she’s the best mom ever.”

Me: “Oh, and I’m not the best mom ever, because I don’t let you ride to the Piazza or to Hampton alone?”

Sienna: “Well, you’re in between.”

Me: “In between what? The best and the worst? So I’m just kind of okay?”

Sienna: “You’re kind of okay most of the time, unless you’re yelling.”


Sienna: “If I lived in Storybrook, Maine, I’d be the Sheriff who saves everyone.”

Me: “Who would I be?”

Sienna: “The mayor.”

Me: “The mayor who’s really the wicked witch? Seriously?”

Sienna (backpedaling frantically): “Not all the time! Sometimes you’re like Belle, cause you just sit in your room with your hair all messed up and stare at everyone.”

Me: “You gotta learn to quit while you’re ahead, kid.”





  • Catherine

    She will learn or she won’t live very long.

  • Manny

    Love those little moments with our children, even if their not exactly idealizing us parents. There’s a little different flavor between father/son conversations than mother/daughter. Here’s one of mine with my son:

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    She’d get along well with my boy. His drawing of the Nativity included a tank plowing into the manger and Mary.