An Inspired Meltdown

We learned late last night that tropical storm Debby is slated to make landfall not today, as originally forecast, but Thursday. Thursday. That’s three more days wind, rain, and kids being cooped up inside. I celebrated by picking a fight with the Ogre over inspirational YouTube videos. No, really, I did. We had a lovely [Read More...]

The Eye of the Storm

We spent the weekend battling a hurricane. The Ogre keeps correcting me and insisting that it’s a “tropical storm” and that we’re not exactly battling it seeing as it’s over 100 miles north of us. I keep pointing out the window and saying, “Um, hello? Do you see the sheets of rain flying parallel to [Read More...]

7 Quick Takes Saturday!

#7   I’m a day late and a dollar short, as usual. At least I’m keeping it consistent. Remember those posts I wrote a while back about how my hair has declared war on me since we moved to the State of Dreadful Humidity? Way back then, KT left a comment in a my combox [Read More...]

Prayers for BabyUnseen!

Dwija‘s facebook page informed me when I woke up that she had called the midwife in the wee hours of the morning. Her tapered-off and eventually halted Twitter feed informs me that labor is getting real at HouseUnseen. Will you please take a moment and say a prayer for the safe delivery of BabyUnseen, and [Read More...]

Panties, Untwisted

Those of you who like bios and stuff can just go ahead and click over to my About Me page, but I’m a former English major and I like stories. So here we go. Once upon a time, I was a brand-spanking-new convert who found myself yanked out of my Catholic cocoon in Irving, Texas [Read More...]

A Cross to Bear

When I was going through RCIA, the Church celebrated a welcome rite. It wasn’t the actual conversion, just a rite of welcome at a Sunday morning Mass for those of us planning to enter the Church at Easter. In the rite, the priest asked each of us what we would ask of the Church. I [Read More...]

7 Quick Takes Friday!

#7 Yesterday I took the advice of my good friend, bit the bullet, and went back to see my doctor (who I had been affectionately referring to as “Doctor Doom” in my head) instead of running away like the little girl I am.  I dislike confrontation, particularly with doctors. Doctors intimidate me. I’ve only had [Read More...]


In case you don’t frequent Patheos (I’m looking at you, LarryD!) you might not have seen that one of my posts was featured there over the weekend. Personally I love Patheos and was thrilled to be asked to post there, so if you are so inclined, go check it out! In other news, the Pioneer [Read More...]

I Suck at Suffering

The rest of us whine about it I was hoping to make it through this pregnancy without those horrible migraines I had with my first and third pregnancies. Things looked good for a while, too; I started getting the migraines at about twenty weeks with Liam, and until yesterday I had made it to just [Read More...]

Political Campaigning

I tallied up the votes from my last quick takes, and the black and white photo won by a huge majority. So that’s the one that’s going up. Thanks for voting, y’all! Now, on to more important business, also related to voting.  I hate election season. I hate politics, period, even though I read Drudge [Read More...]