Email Subscription Option and Various

Email Subscription Option and Various January 20, 2014

I know some of you want to follow the blog, but life is busy and sometimes we forget things.

Patheos has a great solution for helping you keep up with my blogging activity. If you enter your email address in the space on the right that says: Subscribe by Email to Benjamin the Scribe, you will receive a new email within 24 hours of when I put up a new post. Patheos blog followers really appreciate those reminders.

I anticipate putting up both Lessons 4 and 5 this week before Saturday. (It’s been busy. I’ve been acting as the family tour guide for three weeks in Israel, not always with the best internet or power sources. Tomorrow I fly home.)

And to make this post worthwhile for those not interested, here’s a good article from Biblical Archaeology Review talking about the translation and background of “help meet” and why characterizing it that way in English is inaccurate.

Also of note, I’ve updated and rearranged My Other Writings page to highlight some basic but relevant Old Testament posts.

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