Paul Simon's So Beautiful, or So What

Paul Simon is one of our most masterful song writers and singers, and has been for about 50 years.  His new CD, besides have a gorgeous double helix cover, is loaded with discussions about God, the Afterlife, eternal love and angels, and includes excerpts from a famous sermon.   See his comments in the video  below.

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  • Pennoyer

    It is not just the “theological” content you list that makes this sounds interesting, but Simon’s desire to produce a real “album” of coherent music (against the tide today).

    I’ve lamented before the loss of the “album” as art form in popular culture today. Hope it’s OK to share it here.

    [Satire] I bought 15 units-of-music yesterday.

    They came preloaded onto one of those spinning disks. The spinning part is cool enough, but it seems like not all 15 have a chance of being a big hit – and some I did not even care for that much… on first hearing. I can solve that easy enough by just pressing “next”. Further, these units-of-music came in a certain order, something I can defeat by pressing “shuffle”. I found it curious that the disk came with packaging that had photos and graphics and such. What a waste. I prefer my entertainment to be sense-specific and music – duh! – is for the ears. And get this: As part of that packaging someone had transcribed the words of the songs. If I want to read, friends, I would buy a Kindle. And as if the words of a song contribute anything of value anyway! (Besides, of course, either setting off emotive-bombs in my neural receptors or impressing me by their clever obscurity). It would be the height of pretension, don’t you think, for a song to try to capture some aspect of transcendent truth – as if good music were a kind of poetry! (Ray Pennoyer)

  • Greg Van Dussen

    Thanks for sharing this, Ben. I’m liking the coherence of the album and its theological/spiritual meanings, and also wondering what’s behind it in the “mystery” of Paul’s life and creativity.

  • Greg Van Dussen

    PS: It also just plain sounds good!

  • Kathy

    What a wonderful thing! A musical genius who is coming to terms with the realities of life and eternity. Perhaps he’s right. He’s NOT a religious person. He is beginning to understand relationship in his unique, art-brained way. Praise God!

  • Paul Simon tickets

    I’m a huge fan of Paul Simon and I’m waiting impatiently to see him in Nashville next May.