A Polite Bribe— Was Paul into Money Laundering?

This film will be shown in Lexington on Thursday October 11th, and will be followed by a Q+A time with the producer Robert Orlando and myself. It is tenatively scheduled for the Movie Tavern theater just off Richmond Road at 7 p.m. If this changes I will do an update, but you may assume this is correct. BW3

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  • Jeremy McLellan

    It’s “money laundering”

  • Craig Beard

    Ben — Please give us readers who can’t attend a report on this event.


  • http://tailormadefs@yahoo.com Mary Liz

    Dr. Witherington, Len Sweet put this on Facebook at 3:44 PM EST and I want to share it with you because of the loss of your precious daughter:

    In the exact centre of a clear afternoon
    a child went to sleep forever in my arms.
    He had light bird-bones:
    leather skin and desert covered his skeleton.
    He was two years old
    and weighed eight months.
    Before the open door of the mystery
    his eyes hone again in the sunset.
    His breath faded
    like a flower in May
    and another nameless name
    was crossed off the long list of debtors.
    Carmen Perez, “The Road to Emmaus” in Concilium: International Journal of Theology, Volume 5 (1990), 81.

  • http://aerycksmusic.wordpress.com Eric John Sawyer

    I hope it eventually comes to the UK. Blessings for this effort.


  • http://raddestnerd.com raddestnerd


    Can we “trust” this video? How much discernment do we need? I ask because, I trust you, I love your teaching and the insights you bring with an evangelical fervor and the utmost academic integrity; however, this doc features Dominic Corssan, Bart Ehrman, and other liberal theologians…

    I guess I’m confused is all. I would love to watch this video. I just needed some theological guide posts from you :)


  • Ben Witherington

    Depends on what you mean by trust. If by trust you mean, does it take a conventional orthodox view of Paul, then the answer is probably not. If by trust you mean, is it fair and airs a spectrum of opinions and does a good job at getting at some of the major tensions and problems in Paul’s life and ministry? Then yes, it is true to some aspects of the historical Paul. I would disagree with its perspective on James more than on Paul. But the issue here is critical thinking about Paul, not ‘can we trust this video’. BW3

  • Cliff Hutchison

    Above all else, remember that only Christ was perfect, Paul was not perfect and he is openly shown to be wrong in Acts (so is Peter and other Apostles, too, by the way). Our faith is in Christ alone, not in the infallibility of Paul or Peter or James, etc, but don’t let anyone use their faults to make us reject the truths that they wrote under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

    It is not the perfection of the Apostles that builds the church or the Kingdom of God, it is the grace of God through the only begotten and sinless Son, Jesus Christ, and the timeless wisdom of scriptural teachings that has passed down multiplied blessings on us who keep them 2000 years later on the far side of the world.

    Test all things, hold fast to that which is true.