More from the Paul Film a Polite Bribe

This film will be shown in Lexington Kentucky on Thursday night October 11th at the Regal Cinema (Hamburg Place) at 7 p.m. I and the producer Robert Orlando will be doing a Q+A afterwards. Ya’ll Come.

  • Patrick

    Do you have an opinion on what Paul’s role was in his conversion? I ask because my preacher feels like Paul had no option but to believe. He thinks Paul( or anyone) seeing the glorified Christ would be immediately transformed.

    I always assumed there was still volition involved.

  • Ben Witherington

    The demons believe the risen Jesus exists. This hasn’t saved them. Why not? Because one has to freely embrace and trust that truth. Of course there is volition involved. BW3

  • Paul Johnston

    Hi Ben, do you have any idea when this will come out as general release (film/DVD)?


  • Ben Witherington

    No time soon. Maybe next year late? BW3