Roma Aeterna— the Wait is Over!

I am very pleased to announce that the Fifth (of seven) Art West novels is now available via Amazon, it will also be available very soon on Kindle. If you want to order it directly and at a cheaper price usually than Amazon check out the Wipf and Stock website here is the link—- It’s on sale for $20 just now at that locale.

This particular novel deals with a crucial, and viable, historical question. What if archaeological evidence was found in Rome of a female apostle and early Christian leader named Junia? How would the Christian world, and in particular the Roman Catholic hierarchy, react to such a find? This novel also explores Rome’s famous graffiti artists and their propensity to desecrate and decorate various public monuments, including the arch of Titus (see above). Art West, Grace Levine and Kahlil el Said find themselves once more enmeshed in a world of antiquities theft, political and ecclesiastical intrigue, romance, and of course friendship and faith. Here is a perfect birthday or Christmas gift. It’s a very readable short novel which raises important questions about archaeology and faith, and in the Kindle edition, all the pictures are in color!

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