Hobbit 2— Smaug Alert

Let’s just say Hobbit I was something of a disappointment. It had its good moments, but there was too much helter skelter fighting, and the fighting scenes went on and on. In other words, sometimes while the action was vivid the story was draggin’. And speaking of dragon here is the new trailer for the movie that will be released .

  • CPS

    “draggin’.” I see what you did there.

    I thought The Hobbit was good, not great, but the more I’ve thought about it the more I’ve come to think that The Hobbit is a much harder adaptation for Peter Jackson to pull off having already adapted LOTR so well than if he’d started with the canonical beginning.

    One of the interesting things about The Hobbit is the way that its texture is so unintentionally different from The Lord of the Rings simply because Tolkien didn’t anticipate writing the latter when he penned the former. The Hobbit really is for children and evokes a sense of childlike wonder in a way that The Lord of the Rings really does not. The sense of wonder we see in LOTR is closer to nostalgia and a bittersweet longing for a fading heroic age, more akin to the ending of Beowulf than anything we see in The Hobbit.

    I think that Peter Jackson managed to capture quite a bit of the longing heart of LOTR in his adaptation, but trying to make The Hobbit have the same sort of texture seems pretty problematic. I just don’t see how you could pull that off without diminishing the story somehow.